One and Only Palmilla Chapel

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

One and Only Palmilla- Cabo Family Photos By Alec and T. Congrats to Tyler ! Such a sweet little guy- Over 4 years ago Alec and I shot the wedding of Amy and Matt at One and Only Palmilla . The wedding was spectacular . When I got the email from them regarding Tyler’s baptism we were so happy ! The beautiful One and Only Chapel was the perfect location and so special to them. This family will always have a special place in our hearts. Wedding photography is very personal and bonds are created. Amy ,Matt and Little Tyler- blessings and love out to you !! Alec and T

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1 thought on “One and Only Palmilla Chapel”

  1. Amazing! Love, love, love these! Thank you so much T and Alec for shooting Tyler’s baptism. You were so good and patient with him it made the event so easy for us. Love you guys!

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