One and Only, palmilla check it out!

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

I write this blog with so much energy. I m doing the.. yes ,yes.yes, yes .. Its a music beat. try it.. Try to say.. yes,yes,yes,yes.. 4 times in a row and not laughing. Alec and the whole group, became family in 1 day. The photos are perfect. The group was past amazing. Alec and I can not wait to see you again and talk about our dreams and life and all those things that make us smile!! T

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2 thoughts on “One and Only, palmilla check it out!”

  1. Timothy & Bozena Treadwell

    The best day of our lives!!
    Meeting you Alec, (and soon T!) was the next best thing that happened for us in Mexico!
    Best photographer by far! and very proud to have you both as friends, we miss you!

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