Esperanza , Los Cabos- Wedding

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

Esperanza , Los Cabo- Weddings. Congratulations to Amber and Tim ! I don’t even know how to say,  how much this wedding and how much this family means to me. When you look at the video at the end of the photos, you will realize. Amber and Tim have a special relationship. Sometimes, when I think about marriage.  Its generated from my own life and my parents life. Ive been with Alec 21 years my Parents over 65 years together and in love like yesterday!  It just seems to get different and deeper as the years go by. When life gives you obstacles and pressures , days that are not roses and perfect ” Love is tested”   just my take on marriage  .. The longer you are together the more obstacles and things.  Things, daily stuff will get in the way of everyday LOVE. If you can get through those things you can have a mature relationship and things will blossom. In the case of Amber and Tim.. They have been through more then most will ever go through in 20 years time!  I see their love and i know what has gone on behind it. I’m so grateful they are my friends! They have such a bond and such a deep love .. like 20 plus years of marriage they endured in the last few years. I’m sure these 2 will always be. Above all, a ever lasting love cannot be broken. They have the best family support and family LOVE. I’m seriously having ( Amber and Tim ) wedding withdrawals . I’m sure everyone that was at the event feels the same!! Love & hugs ! T  Contact us : Wedding Planning ,Wedding Design & Floral, Photo and Video By: Alec and T

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To play wedding day video, click image below, NOT BLUE arrow.

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3 thoughts on “Esperanza , Los Cabos- Wedding”

  1. Thank you for all of time and effort that you and amazing team put into making Amber and Tim’s dream wedding a fairy tale come true. There are also no words that truly describe how beautiful and exciting each event was leading up to the big event on Saturday evening! Your heart is huge, and it shows in your attention to detail from tiniest to the grandest detail! There was a point along the way in the planning, when I knew that you had a vision that far surpassed anything that I could envision, and I happily went with it!!! You planned this wedding as if Amber was your own daughter!
    This was truly a dream come true for all of us, especially for Amber and Tim. We are eternally grateful.♥️♥️♥️

  2. Thank you, Thank you ,Thank you!!! We are never, letting you guys go! always in our hearts .I still look at the video .. it brings me joy to see everyone , just over joyed!~ dancing in the rain .everything was perfect! xoox T

  3. I am overwhelmed with emotion looking at these photos!
    Stunning on every level, but the things you cannot stage or plan are
    the emotional reactions and deep feelings of love among the wedding party, family and
    all of those in attendance. And in my case, as a friend of the family who was privileged
    enough to see the photos!

    I love the Horn family! And, now Tim and Amber’s family !! XO

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