Casa Del Mar Wedding in Cabo San Lucas

WOW!! April from Baja weddings has been telling me about Casa Del Mar for a  few years as a wedding option and I just could not believe that an  all inclusive resort could be this upscale! I LOVE IT!! The resort is breath taking and hotel staff was wonderful ( David, thank u!!) And the hotel guests seemed to be wonderful as well ( big plus)! I get my self in trouble some times by telling the obvious!! Trust me I will never suggest or promote anything or anyone I do not believe in!! “Be That Bride” is just around the corner! Ok this wedding I can put on the books as one of my all time favorite. I’m not sure if it was because April came in the resort  jumping with joy and  set the stage for a joyous day or lets just say it was not April and it was some one else.. hmmmm pick your planner wisely!! Rachel and Scott  Alec and I have such  great memories of you and the photos below I’m sure will bring you back to this wonderful amazing day that will forever stay with me. I’m going to start blogging about the importance of the relationship that is between the wedding planner and the photographer ITS EVERYTHING!! If your photos are important. its a must.. Your wedding planner sets the stage of your day. I loved this wedding!!!!! Scotts Blue eyes and Rachel’s warm loving heart Impacted our life in a great way!! xooxxo T

Casa Del Mar  - 00119  Casa Del Mar  - 00217  Casa Del Mar  - 00315  Casa Del Mar  - 00415  Casa Del Mar  - 00515

Casa Del Mar  - 00616
April!! we love U

Casa Del Mar  - 00716  Casa Del Mar  - 00816  Casa Del Mar  - 01016  Casa Del Mar  - 01119  Casa Del Mar  - 01216

Casa Del Mar  - 01317
John Fagan! Thank You for the great ceremony

Casa Del Mar  - 01515
This is the greatest joy!
Casa Del Mar  - 01620  Casa Del Mar  - 01718  Casa Del Mar  - 01816  Casa Del Mar  - 02114  Casa Del Mar  - 02214  Casa Del Mar  - 02314

Casa Del Mar  - 02414
Zoetry Cabo San Lucas

Casa Del Mar  - 02514  Casa Del Mar  - 02614  Casa Del Mar  - 02811  Casa Del Mar  - 02910  Casa Del Mar  - 0309  Casa Del Mar  - 0319

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2 thoughts on “Casa Del Mar Wedding in Cabo San Lucas”

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  2. Oh my! I am so happy to see these wedding pictures posted! Scott is my little brother! You did such a beautiful job on their wedding….I am so proud of Scott and Rachel. Thank YOU for helping to make their day so very special!

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