Your Wedding First Dance BY: John Carrafa

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

I wanted to write a bit about an amazing new find! His name is John Carrafa and he is one of the best dance choreographers on the planet! I have the right to say that. LOL  Many of you already know that I was a professional ballerina for many years. Alec and I shot a wedding last month ( Luke and Sarah). Well Luke and Sarah kept going on and on about this dance and how they had this very famous dance choreographer teaching them a routine. And the routine involved the entire bridal party. I had no idea that when I met John we had known each other from the dance world in NYC. The world of professional dancers is very small. Or maybe the world is getting smaller, or maybe it is fate that I met John again after so many years. John has choreographed over 30 films and 10 Broadway shows! The man knows what he is doing, and he is a super nice down to earth guy. If your wedding first dance is important to you or you are thinking about a way to make your wedding stand out. Forget about the fireworks, hahaha I think John is the better choice!! John he is located in LA and NY but will travel. I cannot say enough good things about John…OH and Luke & Sarahs dance was so cool that the wedding guest went crazy and they did an encore John Carrafa A First Dance

Contact: to set up a consultation or call (917) 553-5363 to arrange for a special one of a kind gift for a wedding couple.

Alec and T. Photography Cabo San Lucas Mexico
Alec and T. Photography Cabo San Lucas Mexico
Luke & Sarahs Dance
Luke & Sarahs Dance
Wedding in Cabo
Wedding in Cabo

weddings in caboalec and T Photography cabo san lucas mexico

To see Luke and Sarahs wedding Click Here

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