What is LOVE ? Is it just a feeling ?

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

What is LOVE ? Is it just a feeling ? YES ? NO . My father once said to me. A wedding is a just a day ” Party 8 hours” You have the rest of your life ahead . Alec and T. We only do your magic.

Real Love is for ever. Love gets stronger , year by year. Alec and I, When we spend a spend a day with couples. We must understand them. The concept A new creation every time. the creation of the vision. Sounds easy sounds simple. And it is very simple as long as you understand them ! BEAUTIFUL , its my favorite word. Beautiful means something different to everyone. My team rocked and rolled on this amazing event. Amy and Josh, my thanks and my love to you, I wish that your loves grows and grows. You both have such warm and loving souls!! T

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