Weddings Options in Los Cabos Mexico, Sunset da Mona Lisa Wedding Photos by Cabo Photographers Alec and T.

Weddings in Mexico are like no other weddings in the world. This beautiful event took place at Sunset da Mona Lisa, which is located in Cabo San Lucas. The restaurant sits on a cliff that jets out over the ocean. The views are breathtaking and will, for sure, have your wedding guests talking for years to come. The culture of Mexico is warm and caring. Mexicans are there to greet you with a hug a kiss…and a tequila!! LOL. Why in God’s name would you look any further for the perfect location for your destination wedding? The last time I was in the Caribbean, I was afraid  of the waitress. When I am on vacation, I want great service and smiling people around me. The first time I came to Cabo was to shoot a wedding and I remember the feeling I had was….”I must stay.” Los Cabos has a charm that draws you in and makes you think about your next trip before you have left from your first trip. Word of advice: If you think everything in Mexico is extremely cheap, or because it’s Mexico it should be almost free and people make $5 a day….Wrong!! But I will tell you this: you will never find a location in the USA like Sunset da Mona Lisa and if you did, it would be double or triple the cost. Los Cabos is a safe place in Mexico and a perfect spot to consider for your wedding. Please contact me if you are thinking about a wedding in Los Cabos. I would love to help you get started.   Jacqueline and Charlie’s wedding was no exception to the rule of great Cabo weddings!!

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Just  few photos from this Cabo San Lucas Wedding~ Complete Blog Post Coming soon!

Sunset Monalisa The Cape, A Thompson Hotel  - DSC_8874-Edit-Edit
Sunset Da Mona Lisa Wedding location in Cabo Mexico
Sunset Monalisa The Cape, A Thompson Hotel  - DSC3503-Edit
los Cabos Mexico Wedding Venue
Sunset Monalisa The Cape, A Thompson Hotel  - DSC4195-Edit-Edit-2-Edit
Amazing Cabo San Lucas Weddings By :Alec and T Photography
Sunset Monalisa The Cape, A Thompson Hotel  - DSC4106-Edit
Wedding Photography in Cabo San Lucas

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