Wedding at Esperanza Resort in Cabo San Lucas – Alec and T Photography

Wedding at Esperanza Resort in Cabo San Lucas – Alec and T Photography. I love this wedding venue and always have.  The very first time I walked on the property of Esperanza , I was in LOVE. The venue has a feeling all its own, and the wedding locations are wonderful. I recommend this venue for weddings of  2-100.  The venue has several different locations for the ceremony and reception, depending on the size of your group.  For wedding planning Contact Be That Bride Events. The day seemed to fly by- the whole group was fun and great to work with . Goldie and Michael , Alec and I- wish you joy and happiness! We are grateful for the chance to have met you both- oxox T

Esperanza Resort  - 001_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie1

Esperanza Resort  - 002_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 003_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 004_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 005_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 006_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 007_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 008_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 009_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 010_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 011_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 012_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - DSC6985-Edit-Edit

Esperanza Resort  - DSC6993-Edit-Edit

Esperanza Resort  - 015_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 016_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 017_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 018_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 019_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 020_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 021_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 022_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 023_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 024_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 025_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 026_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 027_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 028_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 029_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 030_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 031_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 032_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 033_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 034_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 035_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 036_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 037_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 038_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 039_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 040_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 041_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 042_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 043_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 044_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 045_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie

Esperanza Resort  - 046_Esperanza-An-Auberge-Resort-Cabo-San-Lucas-Goldie






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1 thought on “Wedding at Esperanza Resort in Cabo San Lucas – Alec and T Photography”

  1. I can’t say “Thank you” enough to Alec & T for the beautiful weeding pictures!! I am so happy with the blog… it is fabulous! I am going to share them with my family and friends. Alec and T you are just amazing people and I couldn’t imagine leaving my special day in anyone else’s hands.
    My very best to you ~ Goldie

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