Wedding at Marquis Los Cabos Mexico photography by Alec & T.

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

This amazing destination wedding took place in Los Cabos Mexico at the Marquis resort. Leah and Tucker had a picture perfect wedding! Not only were they beautiful outside, But this couple was absolutely wonderful inside and out. I had such a hard time choosing the blog photos..I could have blogged with all of them. The wedding video is going to be so much fun!!  I loved her eye-make up! I think Leahs fathers speech should win an award. There was not a dry eye in the house, just for that alone the video will be priceless.

Marquis Los Cabos  - 001811
2 become 1
Marquis Los Cabos  - 002711
The beach out front of the Marquis
Marquis Los Cabos  - 003811
Leah you should be on the cover of brides magazine
Marquis Los Cabos  - 004711
The wedding rings
Marquis Los Cabos  - 005711
Marquis Los Cabos  - 006711
bottoms up
Marquis Los Cabos  - 007711
I told you she was beautiful!!
Marquis Los Cabos  - 008711
And these good looking guys were super nice.
Marquis Los Cabos  - 009611
The ceremony
Marquis Los Cabos  - 010711
I loved the emotion in this photo
Marquis Los Cabos  - 011511
Mr. & Mrs.

Marquis Los Cabos  - 012411  Marquis Los Cabos  - 013311

Marquis Los Cabos  - 014411
Tucker you even walk cool!
Marquis Los Cabos  - 015311
Mariachis in Cabo San Lucas

Marquis Los Cabos  - 016311  Marquis Los Cabos  - 017311

Marquis Los Cabos  - 018211
Hair and Makeup by Suzanne Morel
Marquis Los Cabos  - 019211
Something about her little toe??
Marquis Los Cabos  - 020211
The beautiful lobby of the Marquis in Cabo San Lucas
Marquis Los Cabos  - 021211
the wedding invitation
Marquis Los Cabos  - 022211
little details
Marquis Los Cabos  - 023211
wedding place cards

Marquis Los Cabos  - 02411

Marquis Los Cabos  - 02511
Simply marvelous
Marquis Los Cabos  - 02611
This firework show was out of this world!!

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4 thoughts on “Wedding at Marquis Los Cabos Mexico photography by Alec & T.”

  1. Jackie Holladay

    These are the most classical and beautiful photos I’ve ever seen of a wedding. Stunning is all I can say.
    They are so classic that it looks like a magazine spread.

  2. Alec and T… your photographs of weddings brings tears to my eyes, they are so very beautiful! You really know how to capture the special moments!!!

  3. Leah (the bride)

    > I am so sorry this email is coming so late. I don’t even know how to
    > tell you and Alec how absolutely thrilled we are with our photos and
    > video!!!! They are beyond gorgeous. The video represents us and our
    > wedding perfectly! It has been an absolute pleasure working with you
    > both. Thank you for not only giving us such beautiful memories but for
    > also making the process completely stress free and enjoyable. I always
    > felt at ease with you both from the very beginning and I think it shows
    > in the photos! :). T, you were so right, I never even noticed you or
    > Alec at the wedding (in a good way) but you still managed to get some of
    > the most amazing shots I’ve ever seen! Thank you both a million times
    > over. We hope all is well!

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