Wedding at Esperazna Resort in Los Cabos Mexico Alec and T. Photography and Video

My love of Esperanza Resort in Cabo Mexico.  You will understand after you see this wedding. When I think of a destination wedding in Mexico, I always think of Esperanza. The resort is upscale and yet totally relaxed. I loved the style and feeling of this wedding! Lisa and Brad did it right. Before you pick your wedding colors or decide on a wedding theme,  you need to choose a wedding location. The wedding flowers and design of this wedding was create by ” Pina”  It could not have been more perfect. Simple yet completely elegant. The earthy looking chuppa matched the feeling of the beach. The wedding bouquet was just the right size. The quality of the flowers  in the bouquet was top notch and the finishing unique”the perfect bouquet”  BIG pointer: The one place to focus your flower budget on is your personal bouquet. Your bouquet will be in many photos and should be considered as carefully as your jewelry. When I hear brides say” I am on a flower budget” or ” I  do not care so much for flowers”  I say this. Use a small amount of quality flowers and make sure your bouquet is finished off nicely. I am really excited to post this wedding,  it rocks!. Thank you so much for everything Claudia Esperanza’s wedding planner. Lisa, My God when you see all your photos…When Brad sees all your photos you will die they are amazing!! T

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Esperanza Resort  - 001_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas
Esperanza Resort Wedding By : Alec and T Photography
Esperanza Resort  - 002_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas
This photo should be blown up huge and placed over the fireplace! I love it!!
Esperanza Resort  - 003_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas
Los Cabos Esperanza Resort
Esperanza Resort  - 004_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas
Destination Wedding Mexico: Alec and T. One amazing photo after another
Esperanza Resort  - 005_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas
Destination Wedding Cabo San Lucas Mexico: Alec and T

Esperanza Resort  - 006_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas

Esperanza Resort  - 007_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas

Esperanza Resort  - 008_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas
I loved these flowers. Lisa did not have a huge flower budget. She had flowers done right!

Esperanza Resort  - 009_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas

Esperanza Resort  - 010_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas

Esperanza Resort  - 011_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas

Esperanza Resort  - 012_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas

Esperanza Resort  - 013_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas
Cabo Beach Wedding! look at this beach

Esperanza Resort  - 014_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas

Esperanza Resort  - 015_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas

Esperanza Resort  - 016_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas

Esperanza Resort  - 017_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas1

Esperanza Resort  - 018_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas

Esperanza Resort  - 019_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas

Esperanza Resort  - 020_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas

Esperanza Resort  - 021_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas

Esperanza Resort  - 022_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas

Esperanza Resort  - 023_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas

Esperanza Resort  - 024_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas
What a beautiful face!

Esperanza Resort  - 025_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas

Esperanza Resort  - 026_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas

Esperanza Resort  - 027_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas

Esperanza Resort  - 028_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas

Esperanza Resort  - 029_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas1

Esperanza Resort  - 030_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas

Esperanza Resort  - 031_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas

Esperanza Resort  - 032_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas

Esperanza Resort  - 033_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas

Esperanza Resort  - 034_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas

Esperanza Resort  - 035_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas

Esperanza Resort  - 036_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas

Esperanza Resort  - 037_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas

Esperanza Resort  - 038_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas

Esperanza Resort  - 039_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas

Esperanza Resort  - 040_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas
Floral Designs in Cabo San Lucas

Esperanza Resort  - 041_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas

Esperanza Resort  - 042_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas

Esperanza Resort  - 043_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas
Wedding details

Esperanza Resort  - 044_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas

Esperanza Resort  - 045_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas1

Esperanza Resort  - 046_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas

Esperanza Resort  - 048_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas

Esperanza Resort  - 049_Esperanza-Cabo-San-Lucas

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  1. Photos are amazing as usual! Lisa looks sooo pretty, she was the perfect bride and you reflect that on the photos!! Love them all. pina

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