Wedding at Capella Pedregal in Cabo San Lucas ALEC and T. PHOTOGRAPHY

Cabo San Lucas destination wedding at beautiful Capella Pedregal, in Cabo San Lucas Mexico. Capella is a one of a kind  high end wedding venue. The very unique architectural design and beautiful interior design lends itself to a unforgettable event. My brother is an amazing architect, when ever I see something unique I think of him and what he would say. To make your grand entrance into the resort you must drive through the famous Capella tunnel, this in its self is very impressive and creates an drum roll in your mind.. Or at least mine. LOL  Alec and I have photographed  many weddings in every luxury resort in Cabo, This was the first wedding Alec and I have shot at Capella. I think the photos will speak for themselves! Wow what a beautiful wedding. OK lets talk about the most important thing..The Bride.. Chelsea I would like to clone you! I remember getting an email from her and then requesting a phone call.( I always make sure to talk on the phone with everyone interested in hiring Alec and I) It wasn’t 5 minutes before we were talking and it wasn’t 5 minutes after that we knew that we were a match. Chelsea was in Las Vegas..I cant believe I remember all this, but she stuck in my mind as a person with no grey area and 100% sure of what she wants. God I love that!! Long story short, Skip to the wedding day. Alec and I arrived and were met by the enchanting smiling of Cecelia the resorts staff wedding coordinator, who by the way seems to do everything with ease.We adore her!!  The event went off with out a single bump in the road. Chelsea was calm and radiant, Marc absolutely in love and enjoying every minute of the day and evening. This wedding was fun they danced non stop up until the time we left. This was a wedding that I was happy to be invited to. This was a great event! I cannot thank Chelsea and Marc enough  for having us, for allowing us to be apart of such a special day in their lives! The photos are magical and the video is spectacular ( coming soon)!! True wonderful wishes to our new friends Marc & Chelsea

If you are wondering what  Cabo San Lucas resort is right for you?  Feel free to call me (323)-455-3342. T.

A note below from Chelsea That touched my heart!!!

There really are no words for how thrilled we are to have chosen Alec & T to photograph/video our wedding. From the moment I spoke to T on the phone about our wedding, I knew I had to have her there. Her energy is contagious and her enthusiasm palpable. What an extreme bonus to meet Alec and learn that he has it too! We are so blessed to have had pleasure of Alec & T as our wedding photographers/videographers. They made our nerves melt away from the moment they entered the scene and made us feel like ours was the only wedding on earth. Their ability to get us to relax, get amazing shots, efficiently use the time, and make it all fun in the process is truly a gift. I have been to so many weddings I’ve lost count and never have I experienced a photography team that was so present yet so unobtrusive. My mother used to be a professional photographer and she was blown away by the ease at which you moved throughout the evening. You made it extremely fun and we felt like supermodels for a day! Everyone was sad when it was time for you to leave and I can’t tell you how many guests have commented on how fabulous & fun you were. You are the best and I can’t wait to recommend you to ANYONE I know getting married in Cabo! And maybe if we’re lucky, we can have a margarita with you at the Capella someday down the road. Love you guys!

Capella Pedregal  - 001_AlecandT
Capella Pedregal Cabo San Lucas wedding ,The famous Capella Tunnel

Capella Pedregal  - 002_AlecandT

Capella Pedregal  - 003_AlecandT
Everywhere I would look was a Nikon moment! LOL Marc was such a joy
Capella Pedregal  - 004_AlecandT
Capella from a beach view

Capella Pedregal  - 005_AlecandT  Capella Pedregal  - 006_AlecandT  Capella Pedregal  - 007_AlecandT  Capella Pedregal  - 008_AlecandT

Capella Pedregal  - 009_AlecandT
Wedding hair by Suzanne Morel/ Make-up by Auriga Spa located in Capella

Capella Pedregal  - 010_AlecandT

Capella Pedregal  - 011_AlecandT
Chelsea s Mom gives places her Grandmothers wedding ring on her finger.

Capella Pedregal  - 012_AlecandT  Capella Pedregal  - 013_AlecandT  Capella Pedregal  - 014_AlecandT

Capella Pedregal  - 015_AlecandT
The first meet. Marc and Chelsea say each other before the ceremony and we created a really great first look!!

Capella Pedregal  - 016_AlecandT

Capella Pedregal  - 017_AlecandT
The little men!

Capella Pedregal  - 018_AlecandT  Capella Pedregal  - 019_AlecandT

Capella Pedregal  - 020_AlecandT
The ceremony begins

Capella Pedregal  - 021_AlecandT

Capella Pedregal  - 022_AlecandT

Capella Pedregal  - 023_AlecandT

Capella Pedregal  - 024_AlecandT
A moment in time
Capella Pedregal  - 025_AlecandT
Nothing on earth like little boys!

Capella Pedregal  - 026_AlecandT  Capella Pedregal  - 027_AlecandT  Capella Pedregal  - 028_AlecandT  Capella Pedregal  - 029_AlecandT  Capella Pedregal  - 030_AlecandT  Capella Pedregal  - 031_AlecandT  Capella Pedregal  - 032_AlecandT  Capella Pedregal  - 033_AlecandT  Capella Pedregal  - 034_AlecandT  Capella Pedregal  - 035_AlecandT

Capella Pedregal  - 036_AlecandT
I told you they were happy!

Capella Pedregal  - 037_AlecandT

Capella Pedregal  - 038_AlecandT
Dancing in the lobby.

Capella Pedregal  - 039_AlecandT  Capella Pedregal  - 040_AlecandT

Capella Pedregal  - 041_AlecandT
Capella’s resort wedding planner Cecilla with Minister Bob
Capella Pedregal  - 042_AlecandT
The pool next to cocktail hour
Capella Pedregal  - 043_AlecandT
Cabo San Lucas Mariachis
Capella Pedregal  - 044_AlecandT

Capella Pedregal  - 045_AlecandT  Capella Pedregal  - 046_AlecandT

Capella Pedregal  - 047_AlecandT
Capella at night is even better
Capella Pedregal  - 048_AlecandT
The first dance

Capella Pedregal  - 049_AlecandT  Capella Pedregal  - 050_AlecandT  Capella Pedregal  - 051_AlecandT

Capella Pedregal  - 052_AlecandT
Chelsea changed into a killer dress to finish off the night!

Capella Pedregal  - 053_AlecandT  Capella Pedregal  - 054_AlecandT

Capella Pedregal  - 055_AlecandT
The tunnel photos are so amazing I just could not choose I wanted to blog with 20
Capella Pedregal  - 056_AlecandT
What a great night!


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13 thoughts on “Wedding at Capella Pedregal in Cabo San Lucas ALEC and T. PHOTOGRAPHY”

  1. Susan Yates Jensen

    Y’all are a gorgeous, beautiful, glamorous, joyful couple! This is such fun to see everyone so happy. Enjoy!
    Sending my best wishes to you both,

  2. The pictures are so magnificent. What a fabulously beautfiul and loving couple you make. The pictures brought tears to my eyes. Norm and I were so thrilled to be part of your wedding celebration and loved every moment in Cabo. Alex and T., I can’t tell you how talented I believe you are and T., we really appreciated your comments and compliments to us as we danced the night away. Any bride and groom would be lucky to have you memorialize their wedding day!

    Love, Bobbi

  3. Alec & T, you do with humans what Ansel Adams did with Yosemite. You had great material to work with, granted, but what you have done with it is simply amazing! You capture the ineffable inner beauty of all of your subjects in these pictures. We are so happy for you Chelsea and Marc, and so glad that you found Alec and T to capture it all. Eat your hearts out, Will and Kate!
    So proud to be a part of all this, and to be related to such a lovely branch of the family tree. T, I really enjoyed reading the exchange above between you and Chelsea…you are two-of-a kind, a couple of real pips.
    Marc, I hope you know what you are in for, because now you have a wacky,

    Uncle Steve
    p.s. Can’t wait to see the rest of the pix and the vid!

  4. I love Ansel Adams! Thank U. Steve! This was a great wedding! I wish Chelsea lived closer! I sure she would become a very close, everything about her I liked!! T

  5. Marti Grossman

    I am truly speechless! I don’t think I have ever seen a more beautiful bride, dress, makeup and the artistic pictures – WOW! Also really noticed how much you look like your mom! I am so happy for you. Hugs, Marti

  6. Wow. Amazing photos of a beautiful couple, location and ceremony!!! Congrats to all!

    – Tyler

  7. Merle Velkers

    WOW! absoulutely exquisite! These photos are superb! Chelsea you are a beauty! The dress was perfect! I love the photos’s of the kids and I love Mexico. What a spectacular setting.
    I am jealous that Ray and I weren’t there. We wish both of you a wonderful and full life of fun and devotion.
    Merle Velkers

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