Villa Bellissima wedding Cabo San Lucas Mexico Alec and T Photography

Beautiful romantic villa wedding in Cabo! Enid and Jim’s wedding was filled with love friends and most of all 100% joy!  I love Villa weddings!  I think this wedding was one of my most relaxed, easy going and beautiful weddings of the summer. villa weddings usually have that air to them, they are mostly free of many rules and regulations.. well mostly I say. LOL  I was super excited for this wedding, Enid is a beautiful firecracker and Jim I had never met…well that took about 20 seconds flat, to see he has a heart of gold, this couple was amazing to work with! Cabo has some great Villas for weddings, I know them all and have my favorites. Once again I will for sure give you a true opinion, if you want it??  if you are thinking about a villa wedding call me or email me.Villa Bellissima is rented by my friends at Cabo Villas it has 8 bedrooms, all of them have views!! and 11 bedrooms sleeps 16. Its a pretty amazing  location. Alec and I have shot many weddings at Villa Bellissima. I want to Thank Karla Casillafor the wonderful event planning andRoger living art floral design It was an event to remember!

Private Villas  - 001_AlecT_Photo14
Villa Bellissima wedding Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Private Villas  - 002_AlecT_Photo15  Private Villas  - 003_AlecT_Photo12  Private Villas  - 004_AlecT_Photo14  Private Villas  - 005_AlecT_Photo13  Private Villas  - 006_AlecT_Photo13

Private Villas  - 007_AlecT_Photo14

Private Villas  - 008_AlecT_Photo11

Private Villas  - 009_AlecT_Photo14

Private Villas  - 010_AlecT_Photo13  Private Villas  - 011_AlecT_Photo12  Private Villas  - 012_AlecT_Photo13  Private Villas  - 013_AlecT_Photo13

Private Villas  - 014_AlecT_Photo13
Private Villas  - 015_AlecT_Photo12
Let the ceremony begin

Private Villas  - 016_AlecT_Photo12  Private Villas  - 017_AlecT_Photo12  Private Villas  - 018_AlecT_Photo12  Private Villas  - 019_AlecT_Photo13  Private Villas  - 020_AlecT_Photo12  Private Villas  - 021_AlecT_Photo11  Private Villas  - 022_AlecT_Photo11

Private Villas  - 023_AlecT_Photo11
Cabo wedding Minister Marco, once again delivers a wonderful ceremony

Private Villas  - 024_AlecT_Photo12  Private Villas  - 025_AlecT_Photo11  Private Villas  - 026_AlecT_Photo12

Private Villas  - 027_AlecT_Photo10
Beautiful cabo flowers thank U Roger

Private Villas  - 028_AlecT_Photo12

Private Villas  - 029_AlecT_Photo10
wedding cakes in cabo

Private Villas  - 030_AlecT_Photo10  Private Villas  - 031_AlecT_Photo11

Private Villas  - 032_AlecT_Photo8
I loved this moment!

Private Villas  - 033_AlecT_Photo9  Private Villas  - 034_AlecT_Photo9  Private Villas  - 035_AlecT_Photo11  Private Villas  - 036_AlecT_Photo11  Private Villas  - 037_AlecT_Photo11

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