Cabo Wedding Venue- Sunset Monalisa

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

Cabo Wedding Venue- Sunset Da Mona Lisa. Thank you for designing and executing this great day and evening!!  Be That Bride Events

What a beautiful winter  ” January” wedding in Cabo San Lucas.The freezing day time 75-80 degree weather, the basting cold 60 ish degree nights. LOL… make for flawless weddings! Its just about perfect weather  all year round in Cabo San Lucas. Alec and I have shot well over 100 weddings at Sunset Da Mona Lisa and always seem to end up with the most amazing breathtaking photos- we do have a few tricks for making the venue and the wedding shine. Timing is everything!! Sometimes 20 minutes can make or break great photos- Reach out and we can share those timelines with you, we can also guide you to a perfect destination event. LOVE to help! Taryn and Jeff,  Just wait until you see your  Wedding Video  below is just a tiny sneak peak of your photos- you have 100s,  all of them will take you back to this day.  Memories are so important!! Thank you guys for trusting us with them- Alec and T

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