Valentines day! A special post, to honor L.O.V.E

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

Love is grand!! Don’t  make it so complicated. You feel it or you dont. You cannot “kind of ” L.O.V.E. You love them or you dont. If you ever say to your self( I kind of love it?) regarding wedding shoes or wedding flowers or wedding photographer etc. .  Holy shit move on! When planning your wedding, make a deal with your self. L.O.V.E. everything or make a choice not to care. I want to share some photos that I L.O.V.E. !! And the things I love the most.

#1. My husband Alec: He is my light, my life, my hero, my inspiration. He encourages and pushes me to be better everyday some times every hour. Not a day gos by that he dos not tell me I am a beautiful talented person.His love is like no other.
#2. My children, Nicolette and Liam: Human beings on this earth that shine! Both of them are true and pure spirits. Kind and loving to the core. No matter what I do in my life, its not worth it if I am not a good mom.

#3.My Family: I will name them My Mom Iris, My Dad David, Brothers ready for this?? Ron, Jeff, Michael, Mark David. Sisters,Pamela, Kimanne,Kristi. Yes we are 11. They have supported the artist in me 100% from my earliest memory. I have never in my life felt un- loved. They are kissers and huggers.

#4.My work: I have a job because 2 people fell in L.O.V.E.!!

#5.Dancing: I must dance everyday!! I dance in my kitchen , I dance with my baby son, I dance at weddings! I am dancing right know at my computer! Music would be #5b

#6.People:I love you: Young , Old, Happy, Grumpy, White Black , Yellow, Fat , Skinny! You name it. I stay away from”mean spirited” people, they screw up my MoJo!! LOL

#7.The Color soft pink.. Maybe its the Ballerina in me?

#8.Movie popcorn: Nothing like it!

#9.A full day off: Watching movies, eating take out food, brain dead with Alec! I could use one of those days soon!

#10.The Beach: Something about the energy of the ocean. Its strong but calm. I love my feet in the sand and the water. I am blessed with a house by the beach.


Photos We Love  - 073_AlecT_Photo3

Photos We Love  - 028_AlecT_Photo24

Photos We Love  - 0488

Photos We Love  - 00734

Photos We Love  - 01238

Photos We Love  - 020_AlecT_Photo23

Photos We Love  - 00337

Photos We Love  - 017_AlecT_Photo22

Photos We Love  - 001_AlecT_Photo28

Photos We Love  - 031_AlecandT15

Photos We Love  - 00735

Photos We Love  - 03123

Photos We Love  - 005_AlecT_Photo26

Photos We Love  - 028_AlecandT15

Photos We Love  - 055_AlecandT-Photo3

Photos We Love  - 030_AlecT_Photo20

Photos We Love  - 028_AlecT_Photo25

Photos We Love  - 01036

Photos We Love  - 01239

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