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T. Thompson

T. Thompson

I met Julie for the first time last week. We decided to have a cup of coffee. It was Saturday morning and she rushed into the cafe, bursting with energy (I liked her from the get go). She was in Cabo for only a week, and her days were completely packed. She began to tell me and Karla Casillas of ABRWeddings about what Villas would be available for an upcoming wedding we are working on together …when all I could think about was how passionate Julie was about her company. It was a flash back from Erin Brokovich  the movie.The part when Julia Roberts is telling the lawyer about the family’s and she knew them all by name/birth date/phone numbers. When she spoke about her Villas she was truly speaking from the heart, she knew the owners by name etc…I knew I had to sit down and ask her questions about Earth Sea,Sky Vacations, she agreed and we met the next day at Villa Cielito, she told me about how the company started and the owners great passion for Los Cabos,and the dedication they have for every single client! I loved it.

Earth, Sea, Sky Vacations is dedicated to making your vacation the one you have  always dreamed of. They want to make sure you will come back to Los Cabos. ( sounds a little sappy, but they really do). She spoke from her heart. You rarely hear some one speak of a company with such conviction and pride unless they own it. They say that everything stems from the top. I believe that. I look forward to meeting the owner.

Alec and I (Alec & T.Photography) look forward to shooting many Los Cabos Villa Weddings. The selection that Earth Sea, Sky, Vacations has available is very impressive. Los Cabos is the perfect place for that unique wedding, it is very very safe, and offers the best of Mexico’s, beaches ,nightlife, restaurant, spas, Suzanne Morels face and body SPA is a must!
I salute Julie Bryd and Earth, Sea, Sky Vacations for being such a positive influence in the way people view Los Cabos. My community that I love ..T

To Contact Earth Sea ,Sky Vacations: 

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