The Ultimate Cabo Wedding Planner Guide

Wedding Checklist & Ideas: Plan The Perfect Wedding For You and Your Guests.

Our Cabo wedding planner guide will help you create the wedding the wedding you and guest will talk about for years to come!  Our wedding coordinators will also help you every step of the way.  In each section below, there are helpful photos, suggestions and tips to inspire you.
This is an exciting time as you plan your destination wedding – and can’t wait to hear your ideas!

Wedding Cakes

 - cabo-san-lucas-wedding-cakes  The cutting of the cake at a wedding symbolizes the couples first shared task as newlyweds. Why it’s traditional to smear each other’s faces with cake is unknown, but it is playful! Traditionally, cakes are white to symbolize purity. However, there is no limit to the colors and flavors used in today’s more contemporary ceremonies. Rolled fondant has been the traditional finish and is an excellent choice for warm weather destinations, like Los Cabos. Buttercream, the second most used icing, is softer and creamier with a buttery flavor and needs to be refrigerated up to the time of cutting. Either of these delicious options lends itself well to adding fresh flowers, usually complementing your personalized color theme. Ask your wedding planner for our best recommendation for a wedding cake professional. The cake professional can offer more elaborate creations that work with your overall theme and compliment the design on your invitations or menus. As an added feature, a cake topper is used to depict the loving couple and maybe their favorite hobby, pastime or mutual passion. The personalized possibilities are endless!

Caterers In Cabo

 - 001_aaCATERERS-530x352  When it comes to wedding food, this could be extremely important for some and less important for others, depending on whether you are a foodie or not. If you decide to hold your wedding event at a Cabo villa, a catering company will need to be hired.

Our team recommends selected catering companies in the Cabo area. The catering company will provide you with a banquet menu or will work with you to design a custom menu. We like to work with catering companies that personalize their services to your tastes, creating not only a special dinner menu but also a signature drink menu that will accommodate all your necessities.

Your wedding planner will help you set up a private tasting with a few different local Cabo catering companies so you can choose the perfect catering company for your wedding or event.


 - 001_aaCHURCHES-530x352  There are various traditions in Mexico for weddings, but one that stands out the most is having a wedding at a church where a priest can perform only Catholic ceremonies. They are bilingual and can perform the service in either English or Spanish.

There are two Catholic churches in the area: one in Cabo San Lucas and one in San Jose del Cabo. There are also other venues that come with a “Capilla”–where Catholic ceremonies may be performed–such as the ones found at the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar, Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach, One & Only Palmilla, and Cabo Azul. These chapels can offer NON-Catholic ceremonies or non-religious ceremonies.

The cost for the mass is $75.00 US (price may change), but a letter from the couple’s church (from the country they are initially from/or residents in) is required stating that they have requested authorization and have begun with the process and requirements of getting ready. The priest that will be performing the ceremony will not be able to reserve the chapel nor officiate the Catholic wedding ceremony without having the authorization letter and the proper documentation from the couple’s church.

Cabo Wedding Decor & Design

 - 001_aaDECOR-530x352  The destination wedding location complements the overall beauty of the wedding. The various wedding decor selections are where you could also get very creative. Having only flowers to decorate may not be enough for some creative brides. So, to create a completely different atmosphere, you may want to add a brightly colored, custom-made tablecloth. If having standard banquet chairs are not in your vision, you may opt for specially design chair covers. Or maybe you want to have beautiful draping, or different areas, or arches and backdrops designed especially for your wedding day and create that picture perfect destination wedding. The décor used for your wedding design should be a design that represents your personality and style whether you prefer elegant and classy, or beach casual. It is essential that your color scheme is well chosen to make the flowers and décor colors reflect who you are. Meet the Decor & Design Team…

Entertainment Ideas

 - 001_aaENTERTAINMENT-530x352  When planning your Cabo San Lucas wedding, you may want to think about some fun activities for your wedding guests! Los Cabos is mainly two towns at the tip of Baja California South, San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. There are many water sports, eco-tourism, or extreme activities available throughout the two towns and along the main road that connects both. You may want to organize fun group activities with the help of your coordinator like; Sunset Cruises and pub crawls around the party town of Cabo San Lucas, early morning golf tournaments “for the guys” and spa parties “for the girls.” Among some of the more popular active choices for wedding groups are: Snorkeling Tours, Sunset Cruises, ATV Excursions, Spa Parties, Golf, Deep Sea or Shore Fishing, Surfing and a variety of water sports that include jet skis, stand up paddle board, kayaks, para-sail rides, and boating. Let us know what your group calls fun, and we’ll be sure they have it.

Los Cabos Entertainment:  Fireworks, Fire Dancers, Fortune Teller!

After choosing your Mexico wedding venue, deciding on your photographer, hiring Alec & T to plan and design the wedding and set the tone and ambiance you envisioned for this special day, you will need to start thinking about the “experience” you would like your family and friends to have during an important part of your wedding, the reception. It is critical that after choosing your music you think about entertainment. There are certain moments where there could be a lull in the activity, like when most of your guests have finished their meal and before the dance music begins or when the couple is posing for photos during the cocktail hour. These are excellent opportunities to add entertainment like an authentic cigar roller demonstrating her skills and sharing the finished products, a fortune teller and the ever popular tequila tasting. At the reception, wow them with fire dancers or fireworks. Set up a photo booth for your guests to create their photo memories. Let us help you with the ideas and implementation.  Enjoy yourself. It’s your wedding!

Cabo Wedding Flowers

 - 001_aaFLOWERS-530x352  Wedding flowers are one of the main visuals that set the tone of your wedding, especially with the help of your wedding and design coordinators. We help you design and make sure the overall design fits your style and budget. We work to adapt the colors and any added decorations to complement your chosen flowers.

It is essential that the three of you (and anyone else involved) work closely to make sure that the decorations (tablecloths, chargers, chairs, etc.) work with the design and style of the flowers without diluting the effects of any of the elements. One of the things to take into account when deciding on your floral here in Cabo is, it’s a desert out there, and we are much like an island geographically, so all flowers are flown in, imported from Holland via Mexico City or Guadalajara. Consequently, they will be more expensive here than other destinations. And like anywhere, the season must be considered.

Hair and Makeup

 - 001_aaHAIR_AND_MAKEUP-530x352  Every bride deserves to be a superstar on her wedding day. Wedding hair and makeup should be a priority when planning your wedding in Los Cabos. We suggest that all our brides have their hair and makeup was done by a professional makeup artist and professional hairdresser. Cabo San Lucas has local hair and makeup artists that can do the job and do it well. They understand what this climate demands and will be sure to keep you fresh and beautiful throughout the day.

Many brides ask if they should bring someone from the States or Canada. Our answer is most likely NO! We have great local talent. On your wedding day, sit back, relax and let someone pamper you. It’s also an excellent idea for the mother-of-the-bride and the bridesmaids. Whenever possible, a trial session is a good idea, and we suggest just before the rehearsal dinner. The stylist will create a different style than the one planned for the wedding day. This way you will be beautiful and glamorous on both occasions!


 - 001_aaINVITATIONS-530x352  We can help you with your wedding invitations no matter where you live. We work with several different designers! Your wedding invitations are usually the first items that set the colors and style of your wedding. It is important that when choosing or designing your wedding invitations, you have thought about how you want your wedding to be received. Wedding invitations can be casual and simple or formal and elaborate. Matching menus, place cards, ceremony programs, and welcome notes can all be a fun and creative part of your Los Cabos destination wedding.

Cabo Ministers & Officiants

 - 001_aaMINISTERS-530x352

When planning a Cabo San Lucas wedding ceremony, many couples ask what the difference between having a minister or a Justice of Peace/judge perform their ceremony is. Ministers perform non-denominational ceremonies, but this does not change your marital status anywhere in the world. If you wish for your wedding to be recognized as legal around the world, you must get legally married in the U.S. and then have a non-denominational/symbolic ceremony here in Los Cabos. You may also have both a non-denominational ceremony and civil ceremony in Mexico. By selecting a non-denominational ceremony, you may participate in the creation of your entire wedding ceremony including vows, ring exchanges, prayers, songs, readings, etc., whereas in a civil ceremony, you may not. Your marital status will change with a civil ceremony. It is important that you consider that the ceremony must be performed in Spanish, but will be translated simultaneously in English. The vows that you will exchange are set by the State and cannot be modified. Specific requirements need to be completed for a civil ceremony to take place which are mentioned below:

  1.  Copy of birth certificate from both bride and groom
  2.  Copy of photo ID from bride and groom
  3.  Marriage application filled out completely (the document will be sent by your wedding planner)
  4.  Copy of four witnesses’ photo ID
  5.  Laboratory blood tests–which needs to be performed in Los Cabos–and will have a cost of approximately $200.00 US (cost may change). The blood tests are to check blood type and STDs statuses
  6.  Migration form/tourist card, which is provided to each person when they travel to Mexico.

In the event that…

  1.  The bride or groom is divorced, a minimum of one year must have passed in order for them to be legally married in Mexico and are required to provide the divorce decree
  2.  Either the bride or groom are widowed, they will need to present the decree
  3.  Either the bride or the groom are adopted, a certified copy of the adoption papers will be required
  4.  Either the bride or groom have a Mexican nationality, it is required for them to sign a prenuptial agreement, which will be provided by the Justice of the Peace. A letter, which will be provided by your coordinator, must be sent to request permission for the marriage to take place at the Migration Offices in Los Cabo. You will, therefore, be requested to arrive at least five working days prior to the wedding.

Cabo DJs and Live Music

 - 001_aaMUSIC-530x352  Everyone enjoys their favorite playlist and more times than not, the wedding couple has very distinct ideas of what music they want to be played as part of their big day; for the father/daughter dance, their first dance as a married couple and the bride’s recessional.

If on the beach, the crashing surf might be enough background “music” for the ceremony, however, entertainment during the cocktail hour, music through dinner and dancing into the night, demands some serious thought if you want it all to flow with ambiance.

Here, in Los Cabos, you can choose from a solo guitarist or vocalist or a jazz trio for the more serene moments or during cocktails. Mariachis are fun immediately after the wedding for a truly celebratory atmosphere. For dancing all night, a local DJ or live band can keep everyone moving till the wee hours.

There are plenty of choices, so, your wedding coordinator will guide you to your best options for your audio “vision.”

Top Cabo Photographers & Videographers

 - 001_aaPHOTOGRAPHY-530x352  When the ”I dos” have been spoken and everyone has gone home, the best way to relive the moments is through your photo album or video. Photos and/or a video is a must for anyone who cares to remember the special moments of their wedding. Cabo San Lucas offers some of the most spectacular backdrops for your photos and your movie. The photographer will capture the beauty and style while the videographer will capture every sound and split-second nuance while it happens. Don’t regret not saving the memories. Anyone of these professionals will bring their personality and energy into the day so be sure you “click” with your chosen pro. Hire them for an hour, all day long and everything in between. Your Cabo wedding planner will suggest the best options for your budget and vision.

Best Rehearsal Dinner Ideas

 - 001_aaREHEARSAL_DINNER-530x352  One great way for the families and your select guests to get to know each other, before the actually wedding day, is for the couple to arrange for a rehearsal dinner. These gatherings can be as casual as a beach picnic or a more formal select restaurant.

Your wedding planner will help you decide where works best for your party and share with you menu options to choose from. The size of your group and budget will dictate the how and the where of this event. A private sunset cruise aboard one of the many vessels available is a favorite way to go, enjoying the sunset with cocktails and a scrumptious meal while you cruise this magnificent coast. Variations on the “rehearsal dinner” might be a golf tournament, spa day, deep sea fishing excursion or an adventure tour that includes Zipline and ATVs.

Share your ideas with us and let’s make plans!

Cabo Wedding Rentals

 - 001_aaRENTALS-530x352  Because each destination wedding takes on its own identity, the decor and design team provides only the best suggestions for all your rental needs. Everything from the chair cover through linens and onto floral displays will be carefully created to the specifications of your dream destination wedding. We bring that unique and personalized touch to your “day.”

Your wedding planner works closely with you to design your unique ambiance and ideas, creating a one of a kind memorable wedding.

Cabo Transportation & Logistics

 - 001_aaTRANSPORTATION-530x352  Once you have decide to bring your wedding to Los Cabos, you will want to consider the logistics of getting everyone where they need to be and on time.  A few options are, individual rental cars, taxis (expensive), arranged pickups and returns through transportation specialists that use group vans, private Suburbans, Escalades and limos.  One venue offers a horse drawn carriage to the church for the happy couple. With all these choices, be sure you get advice that suits your needs on round trip airport transfers, rides to outside attractions and restaurants, group transports to the rehearsal dinner and wedding ceremony.   Let us coordinate this for you.  We’ll develop a customized timeline for transportation and your event that ensures everything goes smoothly.

Choosing Your Cabo Wedding Venue

 - 001_aaVILLAS-530x352

After deciding on your partner, your next biggest decision will be choosing the perfect venue for your destination wedding. If you’ve done your leg work while you were in Los Cabos last, you will have an idea on where you want to hold this special event. 

If not, let us do the work for you.  We know all the venues, their features and benefits and limitations and can guide you to the setting that suits you and your budget.  A spectacular open air restaurant with a view of the famous Arch, a private terrace overlooking the Sea of Cortez, a luxury yacht on a coastal cruise, …. you tell us!  For many, one of the numerous resorts that dot the coast, here, have the perfect setting with built in service, quality food and beverage and extras!

Cabo Private Villas and Rentals

 - 001_aaVILLAS-530x352  So, you’ve decided that the ideal setting for your destination wedding is a private villa. Spectacular! With our guidance, you can make this dream come true without the stress. You should know that compared to a resort setting, villas are a little more complex. For example, permits for events and beach ceremonies are required and there’s usually an extra fees for any event held within the villa. Each villa will have it’s own set of rules and requirements. Your choices are many for high-end luxury villas in Los Cabos, an area that consists of San Jose del Cabo, Cabo San Lucas and the 25 miles in between both cities known as the corridor and your choices can range from two bedrooms to eleven bedrooms in 3,000 sq. to 12,500 sq. feet.  Most villas require a minimum stay of 2 nights.  Call us!  We will make it happen for you!

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