Trash Your Dress In Cabo – Los Cabos Photography

Trash your wedding dress or not? You do not actually have to trash your wedding dress. Alec and I have trashed many and the all have come clean after a trip to the dry cleaners. Or you can do what this Cabo bride did,  buy a second dress. We have several different locations in Los Cabos for these shoots. You want to make sure you pick a spot that  you to actually get in the water safely. This shoot was done a few days before the wedding. took less then 2 hours and worked out really well. Most couple do them a day or 2 after the wedding. We can make them super sexy or we can make them just 100% fun.  The combination of Fun & Sexy wins in my book. Go ahead and give me call regarding details. I will gladly talk to you 323 455 3342! I have had many couple decide on these shoots when they find out that “Alec and I are already booked”  for their wedding date. Priceless photos that will keep you young forever no matter what your age! xx T

Once again thank you to this wonderful couple Sara & Yianni

Trash The Dress  - 001_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT7

Trash The Dress  - 002_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT8

Trash The Dress  - 003_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT11

Trash The Dress  - 004_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT10

Trash The Dress  - 005_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT10

Trash The Dress  - 006_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT11

Trash The Dress  - 007_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT11

Trash The Dress  - 008_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT10

Trash The Dress  - 009_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT10

Trash The Dress  - 010_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT10

Trash The Dress  - 011_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT10

Trash The Dress  - 012_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT11

Trash The Dress  - 013_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT11

Trash The Dress  - 014_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT11

Trash The Dress  - 015_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT11

Trash The Dress  - 016_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT9

Trash The Dress  - 017_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT9

Trash The Dress  - 018_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT9

Trash The Dress  - 019_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT9

Trash The Dress  - 020_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT8

Trash The Dress  - 021_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT9

Trash The Dress  - 022_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT9

Trash The Dress  - 023_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT9

Trash The Dress  - 024_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT9

Trash The Dress  - 025_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT10

Trash The Dress  - 026_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT9

Trash The Dress  - 027_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT9

Trash The Dress  - 028_Los-Cabos-Mexico-by-AlecT10

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