Trash The Dress – TTD – In Cabo San Lucas

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

Lets talk about Trash The Dress! Alec and I love them – I really like calling them ” Mess the Dress ” We have never ruined a dress doing these shoots and I have done them with gowns over 10k- They always come clean. These shoots can be as Sexy as you like- and I mean SEXY!!  Or as conservative as you want. You don’t even have to go into the water if your not into that- Its totally up to you. Take a Look at these photos! I am blowing a few of them up for my office- This shoot truly captures the essence of Cabo! Thank you Paige and Chris  xoxox Alec and T

Trash The Dress  - 033_AlecT-Photography3

Trash The Dress  - 034_AlecT-Photography3

Trash The Dress  - 035_AlecT-Photography2
try to find the couple…. This one needs to be huge on my wall!!

Trash The Dress  - 036_AlecT-Photography2

Trash The Dress  - 037_AlecT-Photography2

Trash The Dress  - 038_AlecT-Photography2

Trash The Dress  - 039_AlecT-Photography2

Trash The Dress  - 040_AlecT-Photography2

Trash The Dress  - 041_AlecT-Photography2

Trash The Dress  - 042_AlecT-Photography2

Trash The Dress  - 043_AlecT-Photography2

Trash The Dress  - 044_AlecT-Photography2

Trash The Dress  - 045_AlecT-Photography2

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