Tips To Be A Professional Wedding Photographer

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

It may be a cakewalk to be a photographer but to be a professional wedding photographer requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

No job is impossible if you have the passion and dedication for it. So if you are really serious about being a professional wedding photographer, you must work towards it. Here are some tips to help you become a professional award winning wedding photographer and be a part of Mexico destination weddings.

1. Be steady, alert and confident. Don’t be anxious or show anxiety while clicking pictures. Be confident of the shots you want to take. After all you have already planned your wedding shots I presume. If you haven’t planned your shots well in advance it will definitely make you less nervous and you will know what you are doing instead of being in confusion. Don’t let your hands shake. Try to be a part of destination wedding packages to get better deals.

2. Avoid using sound on your camera. Camera sound can be quite distracting during a wedding ceremony. Don’t let your camera sound interfere with the wedding ceremony. Switch off camera sound before your shoot.

3. Have an eye for detail: To be a professional wedding photographer you must have an eye for detail, else how can you differentiate yourself from any other photographer. To get an idea on what detailed wedding photography is, look through wedding photography sites and brochures so that you know the angles to shoot that will make your photographs stand out. Don’t miss out on single shots of rings, dresses, flowers, or even food items for that matter of fact. This will make you the best destination wedding photographer.

4. Keep A Standby Camera In Place: Apart from your prime camera, keep a stand by camera in hand so that you can use the same if your main camera malfunctions or in situations where you want to take shots with different lenses, say a 200mm lens. A second camera comes really handy in such a situation.

5. Keep A Standby Photographer: Apart from you, a standby photographer can be of real help in a wedding ceremony. A wedding ceremony is a large event to cover and having a helping hand pays off. You can use a trainee photographer. Apart from being a help with your lens changing, positioning and wire handling, you can easily divide the shots you want to take between yourself and the standby photographer. You could take the important formal wedding shots while you can easily rest the responsibility of taking the less important candid shots on your standby photographer. It’s sure to be an experience for you both.

6. Learn the use of light. Indoor photography differs a lot from outdoor photography. Know when to use your flash. Use of flash will differ according to light and angles you take. Shoot in RAW. Check on the backgrounds you want. The shots you take must have good backgrounds.

7. Get creative. To become an award winning wedding photographer, get creative with your shots. Take group shots, take continuous shots. And by the way be aware of unexpected situations like a sudden rain or a goof up! Who knows these fun shots can add a whole lot of value to your wedding photographs! Get in touch with hotels like Hilton Los Cabos.

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