Resort at Pedregal- AKA Capella romantic wedding for 2

Resort at Pedregal- AKA Capella romantic wedding for 2. What a fun shoot this was- This great couple came to Cabo all the way from Australia! I spoke with Tahnee a few times over the phone and just loved her calm easy going way. The shoot went off perfectly . The photos are GREAT! Tahnee and Hitch it was wonderful meeting you- Love to meet up again in the future!! Congrats and enjoy your photos. Alec and T

Capella Pedregal  - 001_The-Resort-at-Pedregal-TL

Capella Pedregal  - 002_The-Resort-at-Pedregal-TL

Capella Pedregal  - 003_The-Resort-at-Pedregal-TL

Capella Pedregal  - 004_The-Resort-at-Pedregal-TL

Capella Pedregal  - 005_The-Resort-at-Pedregal-TL

Capella Pedregal  - 006_The-Resort-at-Pedregal-TL

Capella Pedregal  - 007_The-Resort-at-Pedregal-TL

Capella Pedregal  - 008_The-Resort-at-Pedregal-TL

Capella Pedregal  - 009_The-Resort-at-Pedregal-TL

Capella Pedregal  - 010_The-Resort-at-Pedregal-TL

Capella Pedregal  - 011_The-Resort-at-Pedregal-TL

Capella Pedregal  - 012_The-Resort-at-Pedregal-TL

Capella Pedregal  - 013_The-Resort-at-Pedregal-TL

Capella Pedregal  - 014_The-Resort-at-Pedregal-TL

Capella Pedregal  - 015_The-Resort-at-Pedregal-TL



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