Pueblo Bonito Pacifica, Wedding Photography Cabo San Lucas

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

Pueblo Bonita Pacifica window to the world
Pueblo Bonita Pacifica window to the world

Pueblo Bonito Resorts in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico are a site to see!!  The 4 resorts are Pueblo Bonito Blanco, Pueblo Bonito Rose, Pueblo Bonito Sunset and Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Holistc Resort and Spa. Shown in these wedding photos. Sangeeta and Jeffs wedding ceremony was held on sand. The beach of the Pacifica Resort has a spacious completely private feeling. Its a dream for photos!! Congratulations Jeff and Sangeeta your weddings was beautiful.

Cabo San Lucas Mexico beach
Cabo San Lucas Mexico beach
Energize!  Pre Wedding ceremony
Energize! Pre Wedding ceremony
Enterance of the  Pueblo Bonito Resort
Enterance of the Pueblo Bonito Resort
You may kiss your bride!!  with Minister Marco
You may kiss your bride!! with Minister Marco
the wedding rings please
the wedding rings please
Mexico beach ceremony
Mexico beach ceremony
Thats me in the photo, Taken by Alec ( feel the life!! )
Thats me in the photo, Taken by Alec ( feel the life!! )
The gift
The gift
Sangetta he loved it!!
Sangeeta he loved it!!
the joy was everywhere
the joy was everywhere
What a beautiful Cabo San Lucas Sunset!!
What a beautiful Cabo San Lucas Sunset!!
Cabo San Lucas Beaches are romanitc
Cabo San Lucas Beaches are romanitc


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13 thoughts on “Pueblo Bonito Pacifica, Wedding Photography Cabo San Lucas”

  1. Stunning photos! We would love to feature these photos and your photography services on our new Facebook Weddings Page. Let me know your thoughts!

    Thank you!

    Pueblo Bonito Social Media

  2. I’ve already bookmark this article and will definitely refer this article to all my close friends and colleagues. Thanks for posting!

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