Pueblo Bonito Chapel And Sunset Beach Wedding Cabo

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

How do I start this blog? I have spent the past year getting to know this wonderful couple and becoming close with the whole family.  I am looking forward to the next time we all see each other and talk about the event! As soon as we met I knew that it was a perfect match!

Alec and I shot the photos and the video, and our Wedding Design Team was in charge of the wedding design and planning- with help from my dear friend Tammy Wolf!

The wedding was a Catholic ceremony held at the Chapel of Pueblo Bonito- Sunset Beach Resort, one of the few wedding chapels in Cabo.  If you are thinking about a Catholic ceremony, we can help you with that.  We do them all the time!

When I first met with Jessica and Gary they wanted their wedding to be easy going- a fun party with friends and family! The wedding was a hit! After the ceremony, we jumped on board a 3-hour sunset cruise – lobster and champagne, dancing and 100% fun!

What a great group, and what wonderful new friends!

Alec and I love you guys and will forever have you in our hearts!! Love ~ T

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 001_Alec-and-T-Photography30

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 002_Alec-and-T-Photography30

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 003_Alec-and-T-Photography28

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 004_Alec-and-T-Photography29

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 005_Alec-and-T-Photography30

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 006_Alec-and-T-Photography27

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 007_Alec-and-T-Photography30

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 008_Alec-and-T-Photography30

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 009_Alec-and-T-Photography30

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 010_Alec-and-T-Photography30
First look with your Dad~ That private moment!

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 011_Alec-and-T-Photography30

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 012_Alec-and-T-Photography30

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 013_Alec-and-T-Photography29

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 014_Alec-and-T-Photography29

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 015_Alec-and-T-Photography29

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 016_Alec-and-T-Photography29

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 017_Alec-and-T-Photography31

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 018_Alec-and-T-Photography30

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 019_Alec-and-T-Photography29

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 020_Alec-and-T-Photography29

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 021_Alec-and-T-Photography27

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 022_Alec-and-T-Photography28

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 023_Alec-and-T-Photography27

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 024_Alec-and-T-Photography27

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 025_Alec-and-T-Photography25

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 026_Alec-and-T-Photography24

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 027_Alec-and-T-Photography24

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 028_Alec-and-T-Photography25

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 029_Alec-and-T-Photography25

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 030_Alec-and-T-Photography25

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 031_Alec-and-T-Photography24

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 032_Alec-and-T-Photography24

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 033_Alec-and-T-Photography23

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 034_Alec-and-T-Photography24

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 035_Alec-and-T-Photography24

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 036_Alec-and-T-Photography24

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 037_Alec-and-T-Photography24

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 038_Alec-and-T-Photography24

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 039_Alec-and-T-Photography23

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 040_Alec-and-T-Photography23

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 041_Alec-and-T-Photography21

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 042_Alec-and-T-Photography17

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 043_Alec-and-T-Photography18

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 044_Alec-and-T-Photography18

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 045_Alec-and-T-Photography18

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach  - 046_Alec-and-T-Photography17
Sunsets in Cabo~ like no other

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4 thoughts on “Pueblo Bonito Chapel And Sunset Beach Wedding Cabo”

  1. Jessica Quillen

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these! Alec and T, you are incredible!! We couldn’t have imagined having different photographers for our wedding  Our guests called T a “ninja”–she was constantly moving the whole day in order to get the perfect shot! Thanks for all your hard work; it truly shows in these pictures. We are so anxious to see the rest of the pictures and the video. Love you both, hope to see you again soon! XOXO

  2. No words! Most beautiful wedding and most perfect couple! Love you and pray for many more blessings to be poured over you both!

  3. OK…it’s taken a few days for me to compile my thoughts and be able to appropriately transfer those thoughts to words. And I’m still not sure if I’ve got it quite right but here goes…

    When we made the decision to have a destination wedding I have to admit I was pretty apprehensive. I had never been to a destination wedding before and didn’t know anyone who had any experience in organizing an event such as this. However, the overwhelming desire to give Jessica her dream wedding was something Tracy and I couldn’t ignore.

    Jessica read some where that the first place you should start is the photographer as this is the most important piece and sometimes the hardest to schedule. Through her investigation on the internet Jessica came up with a photographer called Alec and “T”. As the skeptical father I was somewhat reluctant to jump at the first name Jessica came up with but she seemed pretty convinced. We called “T” and discovered that they had availability for our date. Still skeptical, we set a meeting with “T” in Cabo in September of 2012 to meet her in person. Needless to say I was blown away. Her effervescent personality was infectious and I came away from this meeting feeling as if we had made the perfect call.

    Throughout the entire planning process “T” was with us every step of the way. Among other things, she helped us secure our wedding coordinator, she suggested we provide family pictures of our guests on the beach the day before the wedding as a gift, and she recommended us having the reception on a yacht when we seemed so frustrated with the reception options, something I would have never considered.

    However, the real value comes on the wedding day. “T” was affectionately known by our guests as the wedding “Ninja” as she was everywhere. It was amazing to watch her and her team in action. They never interfered and you hardly knew they were there but they seemed to get every shot. In addition, we originally were not going to have the video but “T” said, “I think you are making a mistake”. She convinced me that this would be the most treasured part of their services and she was right. The video attached to this blog is incredible as all of the wonderful comments we have received from family and friends will attest.

    I know that I have mentioned “T” numerous times throughout my commentary and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention her husband Alec. While “T” is the face and personality of their team, Alec quietly and effectively pulls everything together. He is a true professional and one of the nicest people I have met in quite sometime. They are a prefect compliment for each other and I know their quality wouldn’t be the same without each other. In addition, the other members of their team are equally as talented and most deserving of our thanks and admiration.

    In closing, for anyone reading these comments who might be considering Alec and “T” for their services I could not possibly offer a higher recommendation. Our experience with them was perfect and the resulting product will be something we will treasure forever.


    Steve Lierman – “Father of the Bride”

  4. Tracy (mother of the bride)

    Well my husband said it all! Can’t say enough about Alec and T, they are the BEST!!! Worth every dollar spend, and would not have changed one thing about our pictures or video, they are incredible!! Thank you Alec and T, we love you guys:-) Tracy (mother of the bride)

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