Planning A Mexico Wedding

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

Planning a Mexico wedding? What better way to take your vows amidst 2000 years old mighty civilization and in an arrayed of fantastic landscapes! It is a place filled with excitement and fun. Imagine having your wedding ceremony in some of the ancient sites, sun soaked Caribbean beaches, with the services and accommodations provided by high standard resorts and hotels. It is a galore of friendliness and warmth; it is like a heaven on earth!

Nothing can be more romantic than getting married in Mexico and to top it of it is the best honeymoon destination too! So, a combination of wedding and honeymooning in this beautiful country is truly exhilarating. Mexico wedding is both easy and inexpensive. This is because of signed treaty between the US and Mexico.
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Couples deciding to get married here, have many options to choose from. Wedding venues in Mexico ranges from pacific locations to some of the most luxurious Caribbean resorts. It is a huge country; therefore you would definitely find the best of the best destinations and venues to get hitched. But the most demanded venues are the resorts available here. Some of the holiday resorts here offer great hotels and simply fantastic locations, especially for weddings. Amongst these are the beaches. You can opt for a gazebo or a cliff view or even an overlooking ocean venue. There are numerous hotels and resorts that specialize in planning Mexico weddings.

Legal requirements for a Mexico wedding are very simple. In Mexico marriage and wedding regulations are like that in US. They vary as per the states and also cities at times. Resorts here that handle various destination weddings would handle and arrange all the necessary paper works. It is only here that civil ceremonies are of legal nature and Justice of the Peace officiate these. If you want to have your wedding here in this beautiful country, then you have to simply prove your identity and also prove yourself as a single, so that you can be married.

First and foremost, you have to bring forth your birth certificates that is certified and also legalized by Mexico’s consulate, with the proper jurisdiction. Then secondly, you have to present some Identity proof, for example passport or tourist cards etc. If you are from the overseas then you have to do a blood test here.

If you were married before then you have to present the documents that prove the dissolution of your previous marriage or the death certificate of your spouse. And finally, the bride and groom have to have two of their witnesses who are 18 years of age and above, along with his or her identity proof too. So, you must have all the above knowledge, else your marriage would not be validated. Along with a religious ceremony, you also need to have an official one with proper documentations.

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