Planning A Mexican Destination Wedding

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Are you looking at getting married at an exotic place, Mexico could be your ideal choice. The natural beauty is mind blowing here, which would make your family and guests get some fond memories of the ceremony and location.

To be totally different on the wedding day you may be able to opt for a high end Mexico wedding. Here you can enjoy getting some different kind of wedding deals like Mexico celebrity weddings that take place commonly. Once the location is finalized then everything can be arranged to suit your style statement. On your special day, you may want to incorporate their wedding customs, as it will give you and your guests something different to look forward to. Mexican weddings are an occasion that is full of colorful decorations and lot of traditions. The Mexican styles of weddings have a lot of customs which could add give a new perspective to your wedding.

To have a typical Mexican wedding, the ideal venue would be a mission style church, or a beach wedding. There are plenty of locations to choose from. Even if you are having an outdoor wedding, you can create an atmosphere with creative decorations like colorful tiles, paper lanterns, terracotta pots and plants.

A Mexico ceremony cannot be complete without a wedding planner who takes care of a lot of things like music, décor, food etc. The traditional music here is the live music of a Mariachi band. The guest would love type of music as it is very festive and peppy. These traditional musical bands have several musicians with guitars, violin and trumpets. The band also wears traditional attire which goes along with the colorful wedding.

Another important feature of the Mexican wedding is the wedding dress. The typical Mexican bridal dress is based on the Spanish style. It has a ruffled flamenco dance dress that comes with long lace mantilla veils. The dress also includes lace collars along with crocheted fabric, beaded details and with a high Victorian neck line.

A traditional Mexican groom wears a Guayabera shirt, which is basically a loose fitting shirt with panels that are embroidered on the front and back. Commonly Mexican grooms wear white Guayabera under a formal tuxedo. You can opt for any other color guayabera and you are having a less formal wedding then you don’t have to wear the tuxedo. Mexicans are by large a fun loving set of people who love to eat and drink. At their weddings food and drinks play an important role. The Mexican food is not that complicated and includes enchiladas, tamales and tacos that are liked by every one. The most famous Mexican drinks are the Sangarika wine and the Tequila shots.

There are some wedding traditions which give you a Mexican feel. Have a family member or a friend place a white ‘lasso’, which is a white ribbon or cord, around both your shoulders or wrists that symbolizes the binding of the two of you as a couple. When the bride and groom have their first dance, the guest makes a heart like formation around the couple. The guests can pin money on to the wedding couple’s attire to bless them for their future together.

To capture all this festivity you need to hire a wedding photographer. A Mexico wedding photographer will be aware of the traditions of the ceremony and would be able to take photographs with more understanding. As these photographs would make the moment be captured for eternity, special care should be taken while hiring a photographer. A experienced plus affordability should be one of your criteria’s while hiring them.

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