Photography – The Finest Art Reward

A picture speaks thousand words and one is able to express every aspect of life and its essence through this medium. Photography is the art that captures these important points in the form of still or motion pictures. It is the very foundation and the basis of photo simulation. One must consider every part of this beautiful art of photography. Selection of viewpoint, size of images, the focal length, establishment and placement of scale are some of the most important avenues that needs to be focused on in this art of photography.

A true artist of photography makes use of state of art digital cameras, having clinometers, lenses that are calibrated, markers etc for the perfect placement and scale. This art also has the ability in skewing reality and can also be deceptive at times. A professional photographer has the job for minimizing the distortions of natural form occurring during the conversion of the 3D world on just a simple paper.

Perception is the biggest issue in photography and these problems are influenced because of many things. If a person in spite of not standing too close to a particular object and if there is the use of lens with telephoto nature, then the object would appear in a way, as if the person is standing just in front. Such is the magic of photography.

Photography is a new member in the field of various art forms as compared to the others. It is not more than 200 years of age and it is still being improvised. The uniqueness of this art is its ability of numerous print productions. Through history it has been found that most of the photographers have considered this art as a lesser form. They were referred to as ‘pictorialists’.

In this modern age, the presence of automated and digital cameras has provided a great advantage and proven it wrong that artists don’t do the work but only the camera. It is not only the camera which creates a beautiful and perfect picture but also the capability and talents of the artist that make it happen.

A photograph acquiring a fine art reward is because of quality, whether in the negative, print or in the composition. The various myriads in this art are inclusive of choices related to the paper’s brand, film developer, paper developer and also the print’s tone. All these aspects influence in the development of a fantastic final output. The photographer’s ability in bringing all the above aspects in one shot assists in the production of a picture that is worth referring to as ‘art’.

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