One and Only Palmilla Wedding vow renewal. Cabo San Lucas Mexico

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

What a perfect day! What a beautiful vow renewal.What a beautiful couple. Dervon and I talked over the phone several times. Dervon was planning this vow renewal as a kind of surprise for his wife Katina,  she was aware of the event but not the details. I just cannot even begin to tell you how much this man loves his wife.I would love to listen to the way he spoke about his wife, he totally treasures her and is a true romantic! Every year they do something special to celebrate their love and commitment to each other. I Think this was year 20? It was so amazing for Alec and I to witness. And yes.. Marco the marvelous minster had me in tears during the ceremony.I love my job!! Its not often that people take the time and effort to celebrate each other! And they did it right The One & Only resort in Cabo has been recognized as Mexico’s top resort for many years! The service is above and beyond great, the resort is really off the charts all the way around! I will miss you both xoox T

Thank you Arianna!  The One and Only wonderful wedding planner!

And Minister Marco, the words always seem to come out perfect

One & Only Palmilla  - 020_AlecT_Photo15
Cabo San Lucas Mexico
One & Only Palmilla  - 001_AlecT_Photo18
One & Only Resort In Cabo Mexico
One & Only Palmilla  - 002_AlecT_Photo17
The Chapel at One & Only is like out of a story book!

One & Only Palmilla  - 003_AlecT_Photo14  One & Only Palmilla  - 004_AlecT_Photo16  One & Only Palmilla  - 005_AlecT_Photo15  One & Only Palmilla  - 006_AlecT_Photo15  One & Only Palmilla  - 007_AlecT_Photo16

One & Only Palmilla  - 008_AlecT_Photo13
Just before the ceremony
One & Only Palmilla  - 009_AlecT_Photo16
When you hear the horses from a distance, its so cool! the hair stands up on my arms everytime and I want to cry! I love that moment!

One & Only Palmilla  - 010_AlecT_Photo15  One & Only Palmilla  - 011_AlecT_Photo14  One & Only Palmilla  - 012_AlecT_Photo15  One & Only Palmilla  - 013_AlecT_Photo17  One & Only Palmilla  - 014_AlecT_Photo15  One & Only Palmilla  - 015_AlecT_Photo14  One & Only Palmilla  - 016_AlecT_Photo14  One & Only Palmilla  - 017_AlecT_Photo14  One & Only Palmilla  - 018_AlecT_Photo14  One & Only Palmilla  - 019_AlecT_Photo15  One & Only Palmilla  - 021_AlecT_Photo13  One & Only Palmilla  - 022_AlecT_Photo12

One & Only Palmilla  - 023_AlecT_Photo14
I little direction
One & Only Palmilla  - 024_AlecT_Photo14
very cool!

One & Only Palmilla  - 025_AlecT_Photo13

One & Only Palmilla  - 026_AlecT_Photo14  One & Only Palmilla  - 027_AlecT_Photo12  One & Only Palmilla  - 028_AlecT_Photo14  One & Only Palmilla  - 029_AlecT_Photo12  One & Only Palmilla  - 030_AlecT_Photo12  One & Only Palmilla  - 031_AlecT_Photo13

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2 thoughts on “One and Only Palmilla Wedding vow renewal. Cabo San Lucas Mexico”

  1. Katina& Dervon Gaskins

    Alec & T,

    We are speechless!!!!!…You guys are very professional and easy going people.The pictures are breathe-taking.I have taking many pictures in my life time and this is the first time I can say WOW!!IS THAT REALLY ME??You”ll capture the Beauty in all areas.Dervon and I are so happy with the pictures and we can’t wait to see the video.We are so Thankful that you two could attend our Wedding Renewal.ThANKS FOR HELPING US MAKE THAT DAY MORE SPECIAL!!

    P.S..DERVON said we will look you’ll up when we arrive in San Diego!!

    Katina & Dervon Gaskins

  2. Dervon J Gaskins Sr

    Alec & T.

    Who are these two lovely people. Very nice pics. They look so much in love and you’ll did an amazing job capturing that. I believe that they are looking forward to 2016 March 31st to return to the area for another awesome photo session. Lol

    P.S. love and miss you guys. See you soon

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