One and Only Palmilla wedding photography by Alec and T

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

Cabo San Lucas destination wedding at One & Only Palmilla. Wedding photography and wedding video by: Alec and T. Some brides are beautiful and sweet or funny and full of life.  Other brides are regal and elegant. Then you have ” Taylor”  if you look up sexy in the dictionary I am sure it says ” Taylor”  I believe that sexy is a state of mind and the camera lens needs to be in-tune with capturing it! This is one of the keys to good wedding photography! Capturing the emotion and essence in a beautiful way. As a wedding photographer I have pure – real emotion right in front of me and its my job to not miss it. Everyone wants breathtaking beautiful photos and trust me we are going to make sure everyone gets breath taking beautiful photos. But the key is.. do those photos represent you and who you are as a couple? Taylor and Suks photos I believe are a true representation. Alec and I love shooting at One & Only in Cabo San Lucas, we have gotten to know the resort and its staff very well over the last several years. I find it to be an amazing benefit when everyone works as a team! When the resort wedding planner and the wedding vendors have a history together things seem to flow smoothly. This wedding had a beautiful rhythm that lasted all night long.  Thank You Sukh and Taylor!!!

Wedding dress Oscar de la Renta~Wedding video Alec & T.

One & Only Palmilla  - 001_AlecandT-Photography
Los Cabos Mexico Wedding One & Only Palmilla Resort
One & Only Palmilla  - 002_AlecandT-Photography
Mexico Wedding Photographer Alec and T.
One & Only Palmilla  - 003_AlecandT-Photography
One of those breath taking photos at One & Only Palmilla

One & Only Palmilla  - 007_AlecandT-Photography

One & Only Palmilla  - 008_AlecandT-Photography
Cabo Destination wedding
One & Only Palmilla  - 009_AlecandT-Photography
Wedding Photography By: Alec and T

One & Only Palmilla  - 011_AlecandT-Photography

One & Only Palmilla  - 012_AlecandT-Photography
The bride and grooms private wedding transportation!!
One & Only Palmilla  - 015_AlecandT-Photography
I love this woman. Do not let that sweet smile fool you.. She is a firecracker when its needed and produces amazing weddings


One & Only Palmilla  - 018_AlecandT-Photography

One & Only Palmilla  - 019_AlecandT-Photography

One & Only Palmilla  - 020_AlecandT-Photography

One & Only Palmilla  - 021_AlecandT-Photography


One & Only Palmilla  - 024_AlecandT-Photography


One & Only Palmilla  - 027_AlecandT-Photography


One & Only Palmilla  - 029_AlecandT-Photography

One & Only Palmilla  - 030_AlecandT-Photography


One & Only Palmilla  - 032_AlecandT-Photography


One & Only Palmilla  - 034_AlecandT-Photography1
Cabo San Lucas floral designs

One & Only Palmilla  - 037_AlecandT-Photography

One & Only Palmilla  - 038_AlecandT-Photography
One and Only wedding los cabos mexico

One & Only Palmilla  - 039_AlecandT-Photography


One & Only Palmilla  - 041_AlecandT-Photography
The wedding reception begins! It was a great party!!


One & Only Palmilla  - 043_AlecandT-Photography1


One & Only Palmilla  - 045_AlecandT-Photography


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