Me Cabo- By Melia- Los Cabos Weddings- Alec and T Photography

Me Cabo- By Melia- Los Cabos Weddings- Alec and T Photography. I am not sure how to even start this blog? This was the coolest couple in the world! Kind and caring from the very start, I was looking forward to this wedding for almost 1 year. Kevin and Ashley,  Alec and I cannot wait to meet up with guys again very soon! Me Cabo Resort, the home of Nikki Beach and the famous night club “Passions”  is anything but reserved- Its known for its bathing beauty’s and total party atmosphere- The energy of the resort you either LOVE or you run. The reception spot I love .  It sits right on the beach.  Once the sun gos down- everyone gos inside.  Your dinner and your party is beach front/ private and very cool- Its the ceremony that will not be private- If you do not mind,  then it just maybe the perfect Cabo San Lucas wedding location for you- Looking for a Cabo Wedding Planner to help you get started Contact Be That Bride Events Or just contact me I can direct you pretty darn good!! Kevin and Ashley we absolutely love you!! Alec and T


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  1. Kevin Schellhorn
    Kevin Schellhorn says:

    Alec and T have done it AGAIN! Wow, I am speechless. The reason I had a CABO wedding was because I happen to see there website online and I fell in love with there pictures and creativity. They are such beautiful people and there hard work really shows. I am so happy and I would recommend them to everyone ….. well I have already told half of Arizona 🙂 Alec and T we can’t Thank you enough and we LOVE YOU!

  2. Ken Coyle
    Ken Coyle says:

    As father of the bride, permit me to Congratulate you on the High Quality of your work in Photography!
    Now, Kevin & Ashley have a Treasure of Beautiful Cabo San Lucas Wedding Pictures and Memories for a Lifetime.
    And new Friends Forever in Alec and T.
    Well done!

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