Trash The Dress in Cabo.. without ever trashing the dress

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

Wow Sexy Trash the Dress in Cabo San Lucas! Michele,  you did get your photos after all ( long story ) Michelle & Mark got married at Cabo Azul Resort.. Alec and I do NOT shoot at the resort. They went crazy for months. Then just decided to hire us for a shoot,  2 days after their wedding! GREAT idea. Check out these unreal photos (with many many more on the way) and all in less then 2 hours from start to finish with the boat ride included. We shoot really fast. These shoots are totally relaxed and 100% fun. When in your life,  do you think you will ever get the chance to do a photo shoot like this again?  They call them “Trash The Dress”  I have never really liked that name.  Alec and I have done tons of these photo shoots and the dress has always come clean. Really what are you saving it for anyway? Can you imagine wearing your moms? hahhaha!! Everyone wants to have their own dress usually~ preserve the dress on your body in photos! Have fun on the beach or in town with your husband and in return receive priceless photos that forever capture you young, free and in love!! T

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Wedding photography in Los Cabos Mexico

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Destination Photographer Alec and T.

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Trash the Dress Wedding Photography by Alec and T.

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Destination Wedding Photographer Alec and T.

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1 thought on “Trash The Dress in Cabo.. without ever trashing the dress”

  1. Hi Alec and T! Oh my gosh! I must say, Mark and I had the best time EVER with the two of you! You both are amazing photographers. I am so excited and so very happy that we had the privilege of being seen through your looking glass! These are gorgeous photographs and we can’t wait to see the rest. Any bride and groom (or anyone) that chooses you to document their special day will have no regrets. Pictures speak louder than words! Thank you again! We love your energy and amazingly beautiful work!!!

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