Los Cabos One and Only Palmilla Wedding Photos By: Alec and T Photography

One and Only Palmilla Resort Cabo San Lucas wedding! I Love this Los Cabos wedding venue. The One and Only resort has been for many years the premiere resort of Mexico. Its guaranteed your event will be spectacular. It is one of the only resorts in town I tell couples you do not need to bring or hire a wedding planner the wedding planners at this resort are amazing at what they do, they understand the property and have complete attention to detail.

I want to talk about this bride..”Criselda” What a beautiful person a heart of pure gold and love. The first time I met her she danced into the room.  I am not kidding, she spun like a ballerina to her chair. I was in love with her energy after 2 seconds of meeting her. She was the exact same on her wedding day. Criselda you are enchanting. David we enjoyed every minute of your wedding.  Thank you both so very much. xx TCabo Wedding Videos By: Alec and T, video production

One & Only Palmilla  - 001-AlecandT_photo
One & Only Resort in Cabo San Lucas Wedding Photos: By Alec and T
One & Only Palmilla  - 002-AlecandT_photo
Destination Wedding Mexico
One & Only Palmilla  - 003-AlecandT_photo
Cabo San Lucas Wedding Photos: By Alec and T

One & Only Palmilla  - 004-AlecandT_photo

One & Only Palmilla  - 005-AlecandT_photo

One & Only Palmilla  - 006-AlecandT_photo

One & Only Palmilla  - 007-AlecandT_photo
Cabo Hair and Make up Artist

One & Only Palmilla  - 008-AlecandT_photo

One & Only Palmilla  - 009-AlecandT_photo

One & Only Palmilla  - 010-AlecandT_photo
Mexico Weddings

One & Only Palmilla  - 013-AlecandT_photo

One & Only Palmilla  - 014-AlecandT_photo

One & Only Palmilla  - 015-AlecandT_photo

One & Only Palmilla  - 016-AlecandT_photo

One & Only Palmilla  - 017-AlecandT_photo
One and Only Wedding Planners~ Perfect Cabo events every time!
One & Only Palmilla  - 018-AlecandT_photo
The Wedding Ceremony was held in the Chapel

One & Only Palmilla  - 019-AlecandT_photo

One & Only Palmilla  - 020-AlecandT_photo

One & Only Palmilla  - 021-AlecandT_photo
What a beautiful wedding!

One & Only Palmilla  - 022-AlecandT_photo

One & Only Palmilla  - 023-AlecandT_photo

One & Only Palmilla  - 024-AlecandT_photo

One & Only Palmilla  - 025-AlecandT_photo

One & Only Palmilla  - 026-AlecandT_photo
Criselda personality plus!!
One & Only Palmilla  - 027-AlecandT_photo
Plus great shoes!

One & Only Palmilla  - 028-AlecandT_photo

One & Only Palmilla  - 029-AlecandT_photo

One & Only Palmilla  - 030-AlecandT_photo

One & Only Palmilla  - 032-AlecandT_photo1

One & Only Palmilla  - 031-AlecandT_photo2

One & Only Palmilla  - 033-AlecandT_photo

One & Only Palmilla  - 034-AlecandT_photo

One & Only Palmilla  - 035-AlecandT_photo
Steve the One and Only cake master!!! Weddings Cakes you hate to cut, until you taste them!
One & Only Palmilla  - 036-AlecandT_photo
Wedding Floral Designs in Cabo San Lucas
One & Only Palmilla  - 037-AlecandT_photo
Cabo Wedding Florist

One & Only Palmilla  - 038-AlecandT_photo

One & Only Palmilla  - 039-AlecandT_photo

One & Only Palmilla  - 040-AlecandT_photo
Wedding Location In Cabo San Lucas Mexico One & Only Palmilla

One & Only Palmilla  - 041-AlecandT_photo

One & Only Palmilla  - 042-AlecandT_photo

One & Only Palmilla  - 043-AlecandT_photo

One & Only Palmilla  - 044-AlecandT_photo

One & Only Palmilla  - 045-AlecandT_photo

One & Only Palmilla  - 046-AlecandT_photo
Musicians in Cabo San Lucas

One & Only Palmilla  - DSC_7119-Edit-Edit-Edit

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2 thoughts on “Los Cabos One and Only Palmilla Wedding Photos By: Alec and T Photography”

  1. Auntie Ginger Pena- Guerrero

    Congratulations-such beautiful shots taken. You have captured the beauty of not only my gorgeous wacky niece but also such a beautiful breathtaking resort. I especially like the one of her on the bed- with her foot propped up just like when she was a teenager. Crissy and the flower girls dancing down the walk is just exactly like Crissy!! Love those, too- you captured her goodhearted light personality. Good luck on your future appointments; your quality in photography shows 110%.

  2. Mother of the Bride

    A love for your daughter especially on her wedding day, brings out a warm glow in ones heart. Seeing Crissy walking down the aisle with my wedding veil which was worn by me 36+ years ago was a true blessing. Our eldest daughter Rebecca appears to have started the whole tradition on her wedding day back in October, 2005 and with the will of God, will be carried on one last time with our youngest daughter Sonia. I can only hope that your lives are as rich in love with God’s blessings as mine have been for the last 36+. Always remember how much your daddy and I love you.
    To all who took part even in the slighest way, HATS OFF on a job well done!!

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