Los Cabos Mexico, Esperanza Resort wedding 11/11/11

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

I prayed that my 11/11/11 wedding would be with family and friends!! Prayers come true…or at least, this one did. Esperanza is my resort of choice. When Alec and I renew our vows, this will be the place. I think that beauty is internal. When I say that, I am talking about the resort Esperanza and the bride Veronica. Both Esperanza and the bride Veronica are visually perfect to the eye, that is a given. What makes them both beautiful is how they make you feel. That is the true beauty. I hope that every wedding Alec and I shoot makes people feel something! If you are looking to hire a photographer, look at their work. Does it make you feel something? Or are they just pretty photos? When it’s your wedding, you better feel something. If I ever shoot a wedding and feel nothing, then I should find a new career. If I do not feel something on the phone with a couple then I will pass the wedding to someone else out of respect for the couple. Veronica and Simon, you are forever in the hearts of Alec and T. Your gracious and beautiful†characters will follow you! I always say everything stems from the top, great people do not happen by chance. So I say cheers to you!! And to your parents who have created two individuals that make the world a better place! Salute, Alec and T.

Wedding Planning: Signature Weddings

Cabo Wedding Video: Alec and T. Video Coming soon!!

Esperanza Resort  - 001_AlecandT-Photo
Esperanza Resort Los Cabos Mexico Wedding




Esperanza Resort  - 005_AlecandT-Photo

Esperanza Resort  - 009_AlecandT-Photo

Esperanza Resort  - 012_AlecandT-Photo1
Cabo San Lucas Alec and T wedding Photography

Esperanza Resort  - 013_AlecandT-Photo

Esperanza Resort  - 014_AlecandT-Photo
Simon!! i just love you past the moon!~ T

Esperanza Resort  - 016_AlecandT-Photo

Esperanza Resort  - 018_AlecandT-Photo
Esperanza Resort  - 020_AlecandT-Photo1
Totally cool Rabi, with a golden voice

Esperanza Resort  - 021_AlecandT-Photo


Esperanza Resort  - 023_AlecandT-Photo
Esperanza resort wedding venus in Los Cabos Mexico

Esperanza Resort  - 025_AlecandT-Photo

Esperanza Resort  - 026_AlecandT-Photo


Esperanza Resort  - 028_AlecandT-Photo

Esperanza Resort  - 030_AlecandT-Photo

Esperanza Resort  - 031_AlecandT-Photo
This soon to be man.. Stole my heart!

Esperanza Resort  - 033_AlecandT-Photo


Esperanza Resort  - 034_AlecandT-Photo1
Los Cabos wedding photographer Alec and T

Esperanza Resort  - 036_AlecandT-Photo


Esperanza Resort  - 038_AlecandT-Photo

Esperanza Resort  - 039_AlecandT-Photo1
Wedding photography By Alec and T. Cabo
Esperanza Resort  - 041_AlecandT-Photo
Esperanza beautiful beach

Esperanza Resort  - 042_AlecandT-Photo

Esperanza Resort  - 043_AlecandT-Photo

Esperanza Resort  - 047_AlecandT-Photo

Esperanza Resort  - 048_AlecandT-Photo
If you think shes beautiful in photos ?? Just wait for the video!!!

Esperanza Resort  - 049_AlecandT-Photo

Esperanza Resort  - 050_AlecandT-Photo

Esperanza Resort  - 051_AlecandT-Photo

Esperanza Resort  - 052_AlecandT-Photo

Esperanza Resort  - 054_AlecandT-Photo

Esperanza Resort  - 055_AlecandT-Photo

Esperanza Resort  - 056_AlecandT-Photo

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2 thoughts on “Los Cabos Mexico, Esperanza Resort wedding 11/11/11”

  1. Best Photographer Ever! Thank you! Alec and T. We had a blast and everyone noticed your dedication, professionalism, and effort to get all the photos right!


    Simon Katz(Groom)

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