Los Cabos Luxury Resort, Esperanza Hosts Another Outstanding Destination Wedding

Esperanza Resort in Cabo San Lucas. If you are thinking about a destination wedding and are thinking about a luxury wedding, Esperanza Resort in Los Cabos could be the place for your event. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love this venue..Well yes I can~ I can tell you in full detail exactly why I love this resort and exactly how to have a great wedding at this location. 323 455-3342 The venue has several different ceremony options and several different cocktail hour location options as well as dinner reception spots. Each location has its own uniqueness. One of the biggest things I hear is this…Ceremony on the beach..or.. Ceremony under the palm trees (AKA pool terraces) Call me ~talk to me ~ I will tell you in 2 minutes flat what location is best suited for you, and why they are totally different.   Alec and I started shooting at the resort in 2007 and fell in love with the property from day one. When our wedding planning Be That Bride Events advices couples regarding Cabo weddings its always on our OMG list. Aja and Melvin’s July wedding was one of those breath taking Cabo days,  not to bright or hot (a little warm) it was a perfect day for a wedding. I spent almost 1 year getting to know Ajas mother “Martha” over the phone and emails. Martha was wonderful and put great love and care into making sure this day would be perfect for Aja and Melvin. What a great way to start the rest of your life. Blessing Alec & T

Esperanza Resort  - 001_AlecandT_Photography18

Esperanza Resort  - 002_AlecandT_Photography18

Esperanza Resort  - 003_AlecandT_Photography18

Esperanza Resort  - 004_AlecandT_Photography18

Esperanza Resort  - 005_AlecandT_Photography18

Esperanza Resort  - 006_AlecandT_Photography18

Esperanza Resort  - 007_AlecandT_Photography18

Esperanza Resort  - 008_AlecandT_Photography18

Esperanza Resort  - 009_AlecandT_Photography18

Esperanza Resort  - 010_AlecandT_Photography18

Esperanza Resort  - 011_AlecandT_Photography18

Esperanza Resort  - 012_AlecandT_Photography18

Esperanza Resort  - 013_AlecandT_Photography18

Esperanza Resort  - 014_AlecandT_Photography18

Esperanza Resort  - 015_AlecandT_Photography17

Esperanza Resort  - 016_AlecandT_Photography17
Thank you! Lola From Florenta Floral designs

Esperanza Resort  - 017_AlecandT_Photography16

Esperanza Resort  - 018_AlecandT_Photography16

Esperanza Resort  - 019_AlecandT_Photography15

Esperanza Resort  - 020_AlecandT_Photography16

Esperanza Resort  - 021_AlecandT_Photography15

Esperanza Resort  - 022_AlecandT_Photography15
Ceremony under the palms~ Pool terraces

Esperanza Resort  - 023_AlecandT_Photography15

Esperanza Resort  - 024_AlecandT_Photography15

Esperanza Resort  - 025_AlecandT_Photography15

Esperanza Resort  - 026_AlecandT_Photography15
Cocktail Hour on the Beach

Esperanza Resort  - 027_AlecandT_Photography15

Esperanza Resort  - 028_AlecandT_Photography15

Esperanza Resort  - 029_AlecandT_Photography15

Esperanza Resort  - 030_AlecandT_Photography15
My Beautiful Husband "Alec".. ready to fall in the pool for a photo..you should see this photo

Esperanza Resort  - DSC8683-Edit

Esperanza Resort  - 032_AlecandT_Photography14

Esperanza Resort  - 033_AlecandT_Photography14

Esperanza Resort  - 034_AlecandT_Photography14

Esperanza Resort  - 035_AlecandT_Photography14

Esperanza Resort  - 036_AlecandT_Photography14

Esperanza Resort  - 037_AlecandT_Photography14

Esperanza Resort  - 038_AlecandT_Photography12

Esperanza Resort  - 039_AlecandT_Photography10

Esperanza Resort  - 040_AlecandT_Photography10

Esperanza Resort  - 041_AlecandT_Photography10
Dinner on the famous terraces

Esperanza Resort  - 042_AlecandT_Photography10

Esperanza Resort  - 043_AlecandT_Photography8

Esperanza Resort  - 044_AlecandT_Photography8

Esperanza Resort  - 045_AlecandT_Photography8
Wow great words!

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2 thoughts on “Los Cabos Luxury Resort, Esperanza Hosts Another Outstanding Destination Wedding”

  1. Alec & T, my husband and I just viewed the spectacular photos of our beautiful daughter, Aja, and our handsome son-in-law, Melvin! Exquisite–Regal–Elegant, these are apt descriptors of your amazing work! You captured the “intimate intricacies” and the “very essence” of this wonderful evening!

    Aja and Melvin’s photos are absolutely breathtaking! Viewing their photos enables us to reflect, recreate, and relive the magical moments of their Esperanza Extravaganza! These wonderful memories will last a lifetime!

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