Los Cabo Engagement Photo Session in Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Engagement photos in Los Cabos. The beautiful Cabo locations seem to be endless. We really could spend the whole day just going from one great photo location to the next. Good news is we don’t spend the whole day, the sessions are really fast about 2 hours depending on travel time. I always suggest to avoid the wedding venue you have chosen. Have 2 wardrobe changes one casual and one a bit more upscale. We do not like the wardrobe to match exactly~ but it should stay in the same color tones. Please have your hair and makeup done professionally. Engagement sessions are a great way to get to know your photographer, if you have the chance~ but not totally necessary, especially on destinations~ Sometimes its nice to have a totally different back drop. Beach wedding photos~ City engagement photos?? Totally your call . We are glad that Jamie and Justin decided on Cabo! We had a really great afternoon~Alec and I are looking forward to the wedding coming this May~ T

Engagement Photography  - 001_AlecandT_Photography23
Los Cabos Engagement Session

Engagement Photography  - 002_AlecandT_Photography23

Engagement Photography  - 003_AlecandT_Photography23
Cabo Photographers Alec and T.
Engagement Photography  - 004_AlecandT_Photography23
Lovers Beach Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Engagement Photography  - 005_AlecandT_Photography23

Engagement Photography  - 006_AlecandT_Photography23
Cabo Sunset

Engagement Photography  - 007_AlecandT_Photography23

Engagement Photography  - 008_AlecandT_Photography23

Engagement Photography  - 009_AlecandT_Photography23

Engagement Photography  - 010_AlecandT_Photography23

Engagement Photography  - 011_AlecandT_Photography23

Engagement Photography  - 012_AlecandT_Photography23

Engagement Photography  - 013_AlecandT_Photography23

Engagement Photography  - 014_AlecandT_Photography23

Engagement Photography  - 015_AlecandT_Photography22
Los Cabos Mexico Photographers

Engagement Photography  - 016_AlecandT_Photography22

Engagement Photography  - 017_AlecandT_Photography21

Engagement Photography  - 018_AlecandT_Photography21

Engagement Photography  - 019_AlecandT_Photography20

Engagement Photography  - 020_AlecandT_Photography21

Engagement Photography  - 021_AlecandT_Photography20

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1 thought on “Los Cabo Engagement Photo Session in Cabo San Lucas Mexico”

  1. Perfection! what else could you expect with such a beautiful couple and amazing photographers? felicidades Jamie & Justin! can´t wait for your wedding 🙂

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