Las Ventanas Resort – Wedding Anniversary – Famliy Photo Session

Las Ventanas Resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. This luxury resort, is spectacular. The attention to detail is unreal. Like almost everything in life- when you want the best, you need to be willing to pay for the best. Oh This resort is worth every dime!  This 10 year wedding anniversary ” in my opinion”  Was  absolutely perfect. When you walk into Las Ventanas, Los Cabos  you feel an instant sense of serene . I find myself talking in a lower then normal voice. I am sure guest use cell phones , but you never see them. The hustle and bustle of the real world is left outside. The resort is great for intimate events- This photo shoot was a breath of fresh air. Alec and I just reached the end of a extremely busy wedding season and had the chance to shoot this event! I love these shoots and have decided next year we will make the time for more of them! Thank you so much,  Kyndra- Jake and Family!

Family Photos Cabo  - 001_Alec-and-T-Photography32

Family Photos Cabo  - 002_Alec-and-T-Photography32
No body does the ” Sand Art” like Las Venatanas

Family Photos Cabo  - 003_Alec-and-T-Photography30

Family Photos Cabo  - 004_Alec-and-T-Photography31

Family Photos Cabo  - 005_Alec-and-T-Photography32
We will never be the age we are today again-T

Family Photos Cabo  - 006_Alec-and-T-Photography29

Family Photos Cabo  - 007_Alec-and-T-Photography32

Family Photos Cabo  - 008_Alec-and-T-Photography32

Family Photos Cabo  - 009_Alec-and-T-Photography32

Family Photos Cabo  - 010_Alec-and-T-Photography32

Family Photos Cabo  - 011_Alec-and-T-Photography32

Family Photos Cabo  - 012_Alec-and-T-Photography32

Family Photos Cabo  - 013_Alec-and-T-Photography30

Family Photos Cabo  - 014_Alec-and-T-Photography30

Family Photos Cabo  - 015_Alec-and-T-Photography30

Family Photos Cabo  - 016_Alec-and-T-Photography30
I love this photo- Boys finding bugs

Family Photos Cabo  - 017_Alec-and-T-Photography32

Family Photos Cabo  - 018_Alec-and-T-Photography31

Family Photos Cabo  - 019_Alec-and-T-Photography30

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