Cabo Trash The Dress- Alec and T Photography

Cabo Trash The Dress- Alec and T Photography Wow! Its Magical-  xooxx T

Trash The Dress  - 001_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane1

Trash The Dress  - 002_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane1


Trash The Dress  - 004_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane1

Trash The Dress  - 005_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane1

Trash The Dress  - 006_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane1

Trash The Dress  - 007_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane1

Trash The Dress  - 008_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane1

Trash The Dress  - 009_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane1

Trash The Dress  - 010_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane1

Trash The Dress  - 011_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane1

Trash The Dress  - 012_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane1

Trash The Dress  - 013_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane1

Trash The Dress  - 014_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane1

Trash The Dress  - 015_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane1

Trash The Dress  - 016_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane1

Trash The Dress  - 017_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane1

Trash The Dress  - 018_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane1

Trash The Dress  - 003_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane1

Trash The Dress  - 019_Luxury-Los-Cabos-Wedding-Janeane1


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1 thought on “Cabo Trash The Dress- Alec and T Photography”

  1. We can’t express the love we have for these photos!!

    We knew we wanted to do Trash the Dress photos (especially after we had seen all of the wonderful blogs from Alec & T) and when I accidentally got an email from T about taking a boat out to Lover’s Beach for photos, I knew that was the spot where we had to do ours!

    Two days after our wedding, we got dressed up again and had the hair and make up team come out and we headed to the marina to meet Alec & T.

    They knew all of the best spots to take the most amazing photos, at the marina and on the beach. We had so much fun with them for 2 hours in the sand and the sea taking some spectacular photos!

    I wasn’t afraid to get the dress wet (really, what are you going to do with it afterwards anyway?!) and wanted to do whatever it took to get the best shots!

    I love taking photos with Alec & T because they get just as excited about the great shots as you do. You can just feel the love they have for what they do and for each other. It’s so much fun with them!

    We are SOOOO pleased with the stunning photos we have seen so far and can’t wait to get all of them back and start framing them in our house!!! xoxo

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