Intimate wedding in Cabo San Lucas,wedding venue Zoetry and Sunset Da Mona Lisa

A sneak peak at a few  wedding photos!! Erin and Jeff decided to runaway to  Los Cabos Mexico and tie the knot! Very smart move. When we first talked on the phone I suggested that they hire Be That Bride Events to take care of all the details. The day was completely calm and relaxed.  We started at Zoerty Casa Del Mar for a few photos before going to Sunset da Mona Lisa for the ceremony and a few more photos. It could not have been more perfect as the sun was setting the restaurant brought out a great bottle of champagne to toast the newly weds. More photos coming soon xx T

Casa Del Mar  - 001_AlecandT-Photography1
Cabo San Lucas weddings
Casa Del Mar  - 002_AlecandT-Photography1
Sunset Da Mona Lisa wedding location Los Cabos Mexico
Casa Del Mar  - 003_AlecandT-Photography1
Cabo Photographer Alec and T
Casa Del Mar  - 004_AlecandT-Photography1
Zoetry Los Cabos wedding venue

Casa Del Mar  - 005_AlecandT-Photography1

Casa Del Mar  - 006_AlecandT-Photography1
Zoetry in Cabo is a great wedding option

Casa Del Mar  - 007_AlecandT-Photography1

Casa Del Mar  - 008_AlecandT-Photography1
Alec and T Photography Cabo san Lucas

Casa Del Mar  - 009_AlecandT-Photography1

Casa Del Mar  - 010_AlecandT-Photography1
Cabo Wedding Venue Alec and T Photography

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2 thoughts on “Intimate wedding in Cabo San Lucas,wedding venue Zoetry and Sunset Da Mona Lisa”

  1. Mary ( Danielle's mother

    Beautiful, just beautiful
    can you find Dani a husband or lease a good date

  2. Laura Elias (Chance's mom)

    Pictures look like a fairy tale. Very beautiful! They should be published.

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