How To Plan A Mexico Wedding And Its Legal Requirements

To have an exotic wedding, Mexico would be the ideal place. You have to just be aware of the few legal requirements that are mandatory there.

Mexico is considered to be the best destination for a wedding. It can not only serve as a wedding destination but can also be an ideal location for your honeymoon because of its scenic beauty. According to a popular saying, marriages are made in heaven. Some of the wedding venues in Mexico certainly justify this statement. The locations here are picture perfect and this includes villas, churches and beach weddings. A beach wedding can have a lot of style and opulence like a formal ceremony. If you are having it at the beach then there are a lot of places to choose from like the Villa Del Arco Los Cabos. This is one of the places that can give you all the grandeur that you are looking for.

But to get married here, it should be remembered that there are some legal requirements for a Mexico wedding. In Mexico, a marriage can be legal only if it is a civil marriage.
There should be four witnesses, who should be present at the legal ceremony and these witness must have valid documentation too. Apart from the passport all the other documents have to be in Spanish. A foreigner marrying a foreigner in a civil marriage would require a passport and tourist visa. Some of the other document includes-

1. Marriage Applicant Form, which can be retrieved from the local registry office in Mexico.
2. The Passport should be valid for a minimum of six months.
3. Travel Permits should be sanctioned at the port of entry.
4. Birth Certificate has to be certified and translated.
5. Divorce Decree/Death Certificate.
6. Blood Test Results that should have been done in Mexico.

Getting married in Mexico is not too complicated but there are lots of arrangements to be made for any wedding. Hence, you need to get moving and start preparing for your Mexico wedding. You would need to start from the wedding dress to food arrangements along with decoration, venue, invitations, etc. At this point it will be easier to hire a wedding planner who will make your wedding a lot more enjoyable. The wedding planner will should also be familiar with your requirements and expectations.

You can also decide whether if you want to have the ceremony in the traditional Mexico style or sans the tradition. Another important part of the wedding preparation is to hire the right Mexico wedding photographer. You need to find a photographer with experience, credentials and affordability. The photographer is very important as he or she captures the most important moment of your life. The photographer should capture the wedding pictures to perfection and take into consideration your personal style and the décor of the ceremony. You need to discuss what kind of ceremony you are planning. The photographer’s work does not stick to just the ceremony and should include some post and pre wedding sessions too.

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