How To Have A Stylish Mexican Wedding

If you are opting for an exotic wedding destination like Mexico, then you can also have a traditional Mexican wedding ceremony.

Mexican wedding traditions are enticing and yet a lot of fun. So, if you are choosing Mexico as your wedding venue then you can opt for a traditional Mexican wedding with a Mexico wedding photographer. There are a lot of cities in northern Mexico where the wedding traditions of commitment and giving the ring “of promise” takes place, and this sometimes lasts up to a year before the wedding. Basically this is a long time engagement promise, and you can opt for one of these prior to the wedding.

Wedding planner, Cabo san Lucas or from any other regions can be hired to ensure that you enjoy the flavors of an authentic Mexican wedding. Usually the sponsors of traditional weddings are either the god parents, or other individuals who contribute towards the wedding. This helps in establishing the wedding budget along with options for contracting in wedding services. Getting married in Mexico would be a memory of lifetime and you can capture these blissful moments through the help of professional wedding photographers. Some of the popular venues for high end Mexican weddings include Sheraton Hacienda Los Cabos, along with various other destinations.

Some of the basic ceremonies involved in the Mexican wedding ritual include the bride offering prayers prior to leaving the home. The Mariachis is played instead of organ music but the bride’s march is played on the organ. There are a lot of attendants in the traditional Mexican weddings who are known as madrinas and padrinos, with their special roles in the wedding. The flower girl and the ring bearer are expected to dress up like the miniature versions of the bride and the groom respectively.

Apart from the traditional ceremonies one can also enjoy the traditional foods served at these weddings like tortilla, spicy rice, beans along with Sangria, which is a cold drink made from red or white wine. It can be mixed with brandy, fruit juice and soda water. Apart from this salsa, meringue and the flamenco guitar add to the flamboyant theme of the wedding. One can enjoy the mariachi that comprises of trumpets, guitar, drums, harps and violins. The men at these ceremonies are dressed in black or white suits and women wear white or beige dresses. The bride usually wears a mantilla veil, which can be worn with a bolero jacket or Flamenco-style dress. The groom can wear a matadorian outfit comprising of a bolero jacket with tight fitting pants.

In earlier times the groom would travel by horse to the bride’s house while the bride would be taken in a palanquin to his parents’ house. The use of hand lanterns was very common and the family of the groom’s would carry a wedding chest filled with gifts for the bride and her family. The use of wedding ducks and cranes are popular to symbolize a long life for the couple.

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