Hotel El Ganzo- Puerto Los Cabos Wedding

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

Hotel El Ganzo- Puerto Los Cabos Wedding-Alec and T Photography. Congratulations to my dear -beautiful- friends Jazim and  Ulises!! This was our first wedding at the very artsy Hotel El Ganzo- Located on the serene new marina. I was so excited to get the call from Jazmin- She has always been dear to Alec and I! This intimate wedding took place in a beautiful suite that over looked the peaceful new marina – Jazmin was breathtaking !!  With a handful of family and friends Jazmin and Ulises became husband and wife! A special thank s to Maria- who jumped in and did the honors of the wedding planning- Also to the staff of El Ganzo, the presentation was perfect! Much Love – T

Hotel El Ganzo  - 001_EL-Ganzo-Hotel-Puero-Los-Cabos-Jazmin

Hotel El Ganzo  - 002_EL-Ganzo-Hotel-Puero-Los-Cabos-Jazmin

Hotel El Ganzo  - 003_EL-Ganzo-Hotel-Puero-Los-Cabos-Jazmin

Hotel El Ganzo  - 004_EL-Ganzo-Hotel-Puero-Los-Cabos-Jazmin

Hotel El Ganzo  - 005_EL-Ganzo-Hotel-Puero-Los-Cabos-Jazmin

Hotel El Ganzo  - 006_EL-Ganzo-Hotel-Puero-Los-Cabos-Jazmin

Hotel El Ganzo  - 007_EL-Ganzo-Hotel-Puero-Los-Cabos-Jazmin

Hotel El Ganzo  - 008_EL-Ganzo-Hotel-Puero-Los-Cabos-Jazmin

Hotel El Ganzo  - 009_EL-Ganzo-Hotel-Puero-Los-Cabos-Jazmin

Hotel El Ganzo  - 010_EL-Ganzo-Hotel-Puero-Los-Cabos-Jazmin

Hotel El Ganzo  - 011_EL-Ganzo-Hotel-Puero-Los-Cabos-Jazmin

Hotel El Ganzo  - 012_EL-Ganzo-Hotel-Puero-Los-Cabos-Jazmin

Hotel El Ganzo  - 013_EL-Ganzo-Hotel-Puero-Los-Cabos-Jazmin

Hotel El Ganzo  - 014_EL-Ganzo-Hotel-Puero-Los-Cabos-Jazmin

Hotel El Ganzo  - 015_EL-Ganzo-Hotel-Puero-Los-Cabos-Jazmin

Hotel El Ganzo  - 016_EL-Ganzo-Hotel-Puero-Los-Cabos-Jazmin

Hotel El Ganzo  - 017_EL-Ganzo-Hotel-Puero-Los-Cabos-Jazmin

Hotel El Ganzo  - 018_EL-Ganzo-Hotel-Puero-Los-Cabos-Jazmin

Hotel El Ganzo  - 019_EL-Ganzo-Hotel-Puero-Los-Cabos-Jazmin

Hotel El Ganzo  - 020_EL-Ganzo-Hotel-Puero-Los-Cabos-Jazmin

Hotel El Ganzo  - 021_EL-Ganzo-Hotel-Puero-Los-Cabos-Jazmin

Hotel El Ganzo  - 022_EL-Ganzo-Hotel-Puero-Los-Cabos-Jazmin

Hotel El Ganzo  - 023_EL-Ganzo-Hotel-Puero-Los-Cabos-Jazmin

Hotel El Ganzo  - 024_EL-Ganzo-Hotel-Puero-Los-Cabos-Jazmin

Hotel El Ganzo  - 025_EL-Ganzo-Hotel-Puero-Los-Cabos-Jazmin

Hotel El Ganzo  - 026_EL-Ganzo-Hotel-Puero-Los-Cabos-Jazmin

Hotel El Ganzo  - 027_EL-Ganzo-Hotel-Puero-Los-Cabos-Jazmin

Hotel El Ganzo  - 028_EL-Ganzo-Hotel-Puero-Los-Cabos-Jazmin

Hotel El Ganzo  - 029_EL-Ganzo-Hotel-Puero-Los-Cabos-Jazmin

Hotel El Ganzo  - 030_EL-Ganzo-Hotel-Puero-Los-Cabos-Jazmin


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2 thoughts on “Hotel El Ganzo- Puerto Los Cabos Wedding”

  1. Beautiful views, beautiful couple, totally gorgeous and stunning bride! Congratulations on the biggest day of your lives. It only has begun!

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