Grande Solmar Wedding in Cabo San Lucas

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

Grande Solmar Wedding in Cabo San Lucas- Alec and T.

This wedding had so much beautiful emotion, Alec and I went crazy! If this wedding doesn’t make you cry with joy, I am not sure what will. First off Bailey was beaming, glowing when i walked into the room, she ran over to me and gave me a big hug, it was perfect!! Then when I met Geoff , he was  possibly the happiest groom I think I have ever seen. Baileys father was  so proud and happy for his daughter , when he walked her down the isle, the lump in my throat was huge, it was priceless . When Alec and I are taking photos, we get close up, tunnel vision of all the emotion! This was one of those weddings that makes you want to dance! To Bailey and Geoff- both families and friends- Thank you so much ,we truly loved being apart of this awesome wedding!! Alec &  T

Planning a Cabo Wedding Need Great Direction –  Be That Bride Events

Grand Solmar Resort  - 001_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 002_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 003_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 004_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 005_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 006_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 007_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 008_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 009_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 010_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 011_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 012_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2  Grand Solmar Resort  - 013_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 014_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 015_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 016_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 017_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 018_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2  Grand Solmar Resort  - 019_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2  Grand Solmar Resort  - 020_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 021_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 022_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 023_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2
This is one of my favorite photos I have ever taken!!!


Grand Solmar Resort  - 025_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2
Did you notice the kiss mark on Dads hand?? Such a cool wedding- Thank you God, they picked Alec and T!! LOL

Grand Solmar Resort  - 024_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 026_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 027_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2  Grand Solmar Resort  - 029_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2  Grand Solmar Resort  - 030_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2  Grand Solmar Resort  - 031_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 032_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 034_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 035_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 037_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 038_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2
thats a look of LOVE

Grand Solmar Resort  - 039_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 040_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 041_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 043_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 044_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 045_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 047_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 048_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 050_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 051_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 052_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 053_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 055_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 056_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 057_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2  Grand Solmar Resort  - 058_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 059_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2  Grand Solmar Resort  - 060_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 061_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 062_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 063_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 064_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 066_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 067_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 068_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 069_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 070_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 071_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 072_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 074_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 075_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 076_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2
love this!!

Grand Solmar Resort  - 077_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 077_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2
The way she grabs his ear!! Every Mom in the world, has done that!! its a Mommy thing

Grand Solmar Resort  - 079_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 080_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 081_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 082_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 083_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 084_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2
OK so where is T???? she is over that way….
Grand Solmar Resort  - 085_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2
that way!!!
Grand Solmar Resort  - 086_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2
YES that way!!

Grand Solmar Resort  - 087_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 088_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 090_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 093_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2

Grand Solmar Resort  - 095_Grand-Solmar-Lands-End-Resort-Spa-Cabo-B2





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3 thoughts on “Grande Solmar Wedding in Cabo San Lucas”

  1. Bailey "The Bride" Begnaud

    Just like I was at a loss for words on our wedding day, Geoff and I are at a total loss for words looking back at these priceless memories Alec & T captured! When Geoff and I began the planning process we had exactly one year to plan a destination wedding. We knew our first step was to lock down a venue/resort and the most important step: lock down the best photographer/videographer. One look at Alec & T’s portfolio and we both knew we absolutely HAD to have them capture our wedding. Freeze frame time, if you will. I always said that food, drinks, and decor are temporary, but memories…that’s a lifetime plus some and we could not imagine not having the absolute best photographers and videographers in Cabo! Geoff and I looked at probably hundreds (no exaggeration) of wedding videos and photos trying to find the artist that we knew had the style and flare we wanted portrayed for our special day. That is when we stumbled upon Alec & T’s website. To say we were completely blown away is an understatement! We watched these videos of strangers weddings and we both found ourselves laughing and crying and feeling as if we were a part of that couple’s special day. Truly magical!

    I first emailed T and received a response within 24 hours. Next thing I knew we were scheduling a phone call to discuss exactly what Geoff and I had envisioned for our big day. T was so full of life and light! We couldn’t help but to become more excited for our special day. It was decided then that we could not pass the opportunity to have them shoot our wedding.

    T, when I heard your voice from the other room the day of the wedding I could hardly contain my excitement! I’m not one who is usually comfortable in front of the lens but you made it feel so natural and easy. You, Alec, and your entire crew were so professional and awesome! When it came time for the ceremony we didn’t even notice there were cameras around (Granted I was focused on other things at the time! Ha!) and during the after ceremony photos y’all did such an awesome job at getting all of the family shots done quickly and making time for our newly married couple shots on the beach at sunset. When the reception started, y’all did such an incredible job at staying behind the scenes, I didn’t know y’all were there. And I mean that in the best possible way!! We just received our amazing photos and videos in the mail today and I have to tell you, you and your amazing husband captured so much more than just an event. Y’all truly captured a moment in time that, for Geoff and I, is priceless. We will cherish these stunning memories until our last breath.

    I wish there were big enough words to express the love and gratitude we both feel towards y’all. Truly, from the bottom of our hearts, Thank You!


    Bailey & Geoff

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