Getting Married in Cabo San Lucas? Check out this Wedding Venue

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

Getting Married in Cabo San Lucas? Check out this Wedding Venue.  Sunset Da Mona Lisa is a restaurant , that specializes is great weddings and events. The location is about 10 minutes from downtown Cabo and is known for amazing views,unreal sunsets and really good food! A great place for dinner when visiting Cabo San Lucas. I always suggest going about 45 minutes before sunset, enjoy a drink and take in the views, before dinner. Upstairs at Sunset Point, the pizza is fantastic!!  Alec and I  have shot so many weddings at this location we are starting to feel like family, its always a good feeling for us to shoot at this venue. Reach out and we will help you get your Sunset Da Mona Lisa wedding started!!  This group was all about having a good time!! Georgia and Ernie we are very excited to get you guys your photos.When I started looking at them I totally relived the day – Salute!! T

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