Freeze that Amazing Moment

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

Capture each moment of your life in a click. Years from now, you surely forget some special moments it is impossible to remember each and every moment of your life. You can avoid this by preserving each moment in photographs that will help remind you someday of those moments when you felt so much joy or so much sadness. With a camera, you can tell the story of your life and that of the world with images to support your memories.

Nowadays, when you are equipped with a camera you can do so many amazing things in order to put the “A” in art or artistic photography. One of the most famous themes among photography enthusiasts of today is high-speed photography. High speed photography is usually taken with a digital camera, though some have proven that even ordinary cameras can produce very good high-speed photographs. This article will tell you how to freeze fast-motions with the use of a digital camera.

Your digital camera is equipped with an adjustable shutter speed. If you know the right shutter speed to use when capturing fast motions, you will produce desirable results. A speed over 1/20 to 1/25 second that is used for everyday shooting will prevent motion blur that is caused by camera shake. Once your shutter speed goes beyond 1/5000 second, you can grab the chance to freeze action as your camera will have a faster shutter speed. High speed photography is usually utilized in sports photography where there are always fast motions that are hard to capture using ordinary cameras. In instances where motions are very fast, high-speed photography is employed so that the shots will be free of blurs. In order to succeed with speeds, you will also have to toggle some features of your camera and play with your environment. Wide apertures, bright lighting conditions or an adjustment of your camera’s ISO speed should be considered. You can also opt to combine all three for better shots.

You may also experience, at times, moments that last for only a fraction of a second and these are very difficult to capture. For such moments, you can use the sequence mode where your camera takes a shot of every sequence even as you pan it. Cameras equipped with as sequence mode will allow you to take shots of a sequence and discard the images that are non-sharp or useless.

Another technique that is used in high-speed photography is strobe. Strobe is usually done when you are trying to capture images such as a cloth being blown by the wind or a waterfall cascading down a rock and splashing all about. Strobe is also known as electronic flash and it is also commonly used in studios to freeze motion. Electronic flash will get you a razor-sharp image because it stays lit between 1/800th and 1/2000th of a second.

High speed photography is also used when you want to play with motions. Say for instance you want to capture a shattering glass or any other exploding things. These motions can go for over 1/6000 second. With the right handling of the shutter lag, as previously discussed, you can capture anything faster than1/6000 second. You will have to synchronize the flash and exposure so that it captures the image at just the right moment. With proper handling, you can be amazingly artistic with photography.

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