Fiesta Americana Los Cabos wedding photography by Alec and T.

Shana and Ben’s  destination wedding took place at Fiesta Americana resort located in Cabo Mexico.  This post is very easy for me to write.   A million great things are going through my head about this bride and groom.  I will quote the wedding planner,  April from Baja weddings ” The greatest family I have ever worked with..I LOVE THEM ALL”

I think that sums it up, but I will add a few things. Ben the groom never stopped smiling the entire day,  every time he looked at Shana his eyes would sparkle..I’m not kidding.. he was a super special guy with a heart of gold.  Shana was good from her head to her toes. Totally relaxed and ready to just enjoy her wedding ( I love that) And when I met her Mom and Dad it made perfect reasoning the apple never falls far from the tree.  This was a fairly small wedding so I had the chance to meet everyone and this group was a total and complete joy.  When I started to glance at the photos to grab some for the blog post,  I was happy for them all over again. What most people don’t know is that Alec and I get to relive every wedding as we edit the photos. The time we spend making your wedding memory’s come to life makes us  better photographers.  So thank you Shana and Ben,  we are better wedding photographers !  Big bear hugs T


Fiesta Americana Grand  - 0012111
Fiesta American beach Cabo San Lucas

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 0021911

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 0032011
I think this is my favorite. Its impossible to look at this photo and not smile
Fiesta Americana Grand  - 0042011
I did not mention Shana is a world class Surgeon..The handwriting of a doctor, and its really good!
Fiesta Americana Grand  - 0051811
Fiesta Americana Grand  - 0061811
I’m pretty sure Ben’s feet never left the ground

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 0071811

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 0091611
The ceremony on the beach at Fiesta Americana is beautiful feels private and peaceful

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 0101711

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 0111511
Thats a Ben bear hug. If you notice his Moms feet are off the ground.
Fiesta Americana Grand  - 0121511
The ceremony was just like this every minute.  The love was an easy capture!
Fiesta Americana Grand  - 0131311
I’m telling you, Ben was the best huger ever. Yes I did say huger . Ben is the king of good hugs.
Fiesta Americana Grand  - 0141311
Aprils feet are barely touching. This was a true congrats and a precious moment
Fiesta Americana Grand  - 0151111
The beach photos

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 0161111  Fiesta Americana Grand  - 0171011  Fiesta Americana Grand  - 018811  Fiesta Americana Grand  - 01981  Fiesta Americana Grand  - 02091

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 02171
Father daughter dance
Fiesta Americana Grand  - 02271
wedding flowers

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 02371

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 02451
Coleen owner of Baja Weddings makes it a point to go to every wedding and congratulate the bride and groom

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6 thoughts on “Fiesta Americana Los Cabos wedding photography by Alec and T.”

  1. Alac and T your work is magical! You have created a canvas that will be enjoyed for a life time. Not to mention the added benefit of how you made everyone feel so special! Hope to see you again soon…… Thanks again for creating wonderful memories.

    Bob Wingo

  2. Absolutely beautiful!! I was speechless; my only regret, not being there.
    Oh, and by the way, this is one of the best families that you will ever meet!
    Love you all, Mel and Bri

  3. These are the most beautiful wedding pictures. It was like viewing a fairy tale wedding in a movie. I am so happy for Shana and Ben. She is a beautiful bride. She has been such a blessing in others lives. It is great to see her blessing and dreams come true. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!!

    Karon Horn

  4. My wedding to Ben, and our entire time in Cabo, will be one of my most cherished memories. I feel fortunate to have had Alec and T photograph our wedding, as every moment that I want to remember was captured. You are truly a dynamic and wonderful team, and your work speaks for itself. It is serendipitous that I met this couple, and I am so grateful to have met you both. Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything…your energy, effort, and making us feel like this was the most important event of your lives. You will always be a part of our lives!

  5. Shana Thank you so much. It was more then a joy to work with. I cant wait for you to see all the photos!! T

  6. Shana- I cried when I looked at your beautiful photos. You are so deserving of this wonderful good fortune. I agree with with the photographer’s comments that “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Your beautiful, caring personality is truly the fruits of your wonderful family. Congratulations to you and Ben. We could not be happier for you both. Annette

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