Fiesta Americana Cabo Wedding Location

Fiesta Americana Cabo – Wedding Location- Wedding Photographers Alec and T–  GREAT Cabo Wedding Planners “Lisa” @  Be That Bride Events- For  wedding advice and Cabo San Lucas wedding information Contact me,  I would love to talk about all your options and give you my personal opinion- I have many- Lol!!  Where do I start with this amazing -beautiful-kind- loving -fun couple? Raul and Leslie, what a  joy,  to be apart of your wedding. When I walked into Leslie room, she had just finished her hair and makeup, all her girls standing around her- the room was filled with more love then it could hold.  The energy was so wonderful and so pure. I knew this wedding was going to be special in every way!  When I started in the wedding industry many years ago, This is exactly why! Thank you Leslie and Raul and Family- for your kindness and letting us share in your joy! Love and more Love ~ Alec & T

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 001_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 002_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 003_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 004_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 005_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 006_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 007_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 008_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 009_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 010_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 011_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 012_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 013_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 014_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 015_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 016_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 017_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 018_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 019_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 021_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 022_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 023_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 024_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 025_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 026_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 027_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 028_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 029_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 030_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 031_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 032_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 033_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 034_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 035_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 036_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 037_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 038_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 039_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 040_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - 041_Fiesta-Americana-Los-Cabos_Leslie-03142014

Fiesta Americana Grand  - DSC8804-Edit

Fiesta Americana Grand  - DSC7412-Edit-Edit

Fiesta Americana Grand  - DSC7500-Edit-Edit

Fiesta Americana Grand  - DSC7437-Edit




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3 thoughts on “Fiesta Americana Cabo Wedding Location”

  1. Leslie Mayes Garza

    When placing such an important event such as your wedding to someone you’ve never met before and whom you put complete faith in, your intuition and insight make it apparent you’ve made the best choice. I happened to have found amazing photographers who, in turn, happened to provide wedding planning services under Be That Bride Events. My primary concern when planning a destination wedding was the photographer/videographer and when I began my search I was consistently drawn to Alec and T’s photography. Their photography was and is absolutely breathtaking as well as unique, reflecting the personality of the people they’re photographing. The touching moments to the moments that made you laugh are all caught in time and bring back those profound joyful memories. From the moment I had my first telephone conference call with them, I was pulled into the fresh and vibrant attitude from T. (Alec and T are an adorable married couple, I might add) They both exude such a kind, caring, positive and professional demeanor and the kindness I felt immediately from both, I knew I had found the best photographer and wedding planner I could have hoped for. The wedding planner, Lisa, guided us step by step until our wedding was complete and we shared laughter for 9 months. When I met Alec and T for the first time (the day of our wedding) I felt as if I had known them my entire life and the comfort and trust I placed in them was never questioned. They became a part of our wedding, a part of my family, friends I hope remain indefinitely. Thank you Alec and T and Lisa for making our wedding not only amazing but you will always be remembered for providing us with memories that will last a lifetime. XOXO, Leslie and Raul Garza – Coppell, Texas

  2. Alec, T, and Lisa could not have been more kind and wonderful to work with. They are all so thoughtful and each photograph reminds me of the beautiful time we were all able to spend together in Cabo for my mother and stepfather’s wedding. Thank you all so much for making one of the best days of my life even better!

  3. Raul E. Garza

    Alec & T did an incredible job at capturing the important moments of our wedding and reception. Going over the pictures and video brings back the day of our wedding each and every time…and that is what you want from your photographer. Alec & T were fun and professional and were extremely easy to work with. I highly recommend them for any event. They really do deliver 🙂 Thank you!

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