Venue Cabo Del Sol – Luke + Sarah

What an amazing Cabo San Lucas wedding! Sunset Da Mona Lisa and Cabo Del Sol as the perfect wedding venues. Luke Greenfield ( Something Borrowed, Director) married Sarah Baldwin Los Angeles actress, in Los Cabos Mexico! To my friends Luke and Sarah, what a perfect day it was, Congratulations! Alec and I shoot over 60 weddings per year , I have to be honest..This wedding had me a bit nervous. Luke and Sarah had a clear vision for their day, it was scripted out almost to the minute. The first dance included the entire bridal party and was choreographed by the Amazing John Carrafa – Johns recent work, BRIDE WARS with Anne Hathaway, SOMETHING BORROWED with Kate Hudson, THE OTHER GUYS with Will Farrell  The thought that went into the day was like no other couple we have worked with. At first I was thinking..OK this could be a royal pain in the ass. Luke is going to make a block buster movie out of his wedding, and we are going to be responsible for shooting the photos and shooting the movie?? hmmm…Then I got to know Luke and Sarah.  Then it become a challenge and then it became a passion. Every moment of this wedding day was meaningful, it was not a pain in the ass! Just the opposite. It was an unforgettable day for Alec and I. I think these are some of the best wedding photos I have ever seen. The personality of the day is for ever preserved. Luke and Sarah,  You have made us better at what we do~ we thank you! WE LOVE U! WOOOHOOO you did it!!