Family Photos in Cabo San Lucas

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

Family Photos in Cabo San Lucas – Alec & T.Photography. Wonderful Wedding Memories  and now the family photos begin! Five years ago Alec and I had the opportunity to shoot the wedding of Mike and Calie at Sunset Da Mona Lisa- For the next several years  brides wanted to be Calie- they wanted her fresh hair and make up style- they wanted her dress and they even went to the same wedding venue- This couple is magic with our cameras! We were so excited when Mike contacted us about this family shoot- Calie and her sister “Anna” had baby’s at the same time and make Cabo an annual trip. The photo shoot was a surprise for the  beautiful new Moms!! What a great reunion – Alec and I love you guys very much and will always have a special place in hearts! Calie, Mike and Carter Everleigh Dunn- Anna, Patrick and Addylyn May Hughes- your beautiful!! xx Alec and T


Family Photos Cabo  - 002_Beach-Photos-Los-Cabos-Calie
Family Photos Cabo  - 003_Beach-Photos-Los-Cabos-Calie
Family Photos Cabo  - 004_Beach-Photos-Los-Cabos-Calie
Family Photos Cabo  - 005_Beach-Photos-Los-Cabos-Calie
Family Photos Cabo  - 006_Beach-Photos-Los-Cabos-Calie
Family Photos Cabo  - 007_Beach-Photos-Los-Cabos-Calie
Family Photos Cabo  - 008_Beach-Photos-Los-Cabos-Calie
Family Photos Cabo  - 009_Beach-Photos-Los-Cabos-Calie
Family Photos Cabo  - 010_Beach-Photos-Los-Cabos-Calie
Family Photos Cabo  - 011_Beach-Photos-Los-Cabos-Calie
Family Photos Cabo  - 012_Beach-Photos-Los-Cabos-Calie
Family Photos Cabo  - 013_Beach-Photos-Los-Cabos-Calie
Family Photos Cabo  - 014_Beach-Photos-Los-Cabos-Calie
Family Photos Cabo  - 015_Beach-Photos-Los-Cabos-Calie
Family Photos Cabo  - 016_Beach-Photos-Los-Cabos-Calie
Family Photos Cabo  - 017_Beach-Photos-Los-Cabos-Calie
Family Photos Cabo  - 018_Beach-Photos-Los-Cabos-Calie
Family Photos Cabo  - 019_Beach-Photos-Los-Cabos-Calie
Family Photos Cabo  - 001_Beach-Photos-Los-Cabos-Calie

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3 thoughts on “Family Photos in Cabo San Lucas”

  1. Alec & T

    You both are absolutely incredible. When we found you 5 years ago to shoot our wedding at the Sunset De Mona Lisa we had no idea how incredible our photos would end up. They were well above expectations. Our family feels very blessed that you have taken the time to meet up with us again for our annual trip and our 5 year anniversary….this time we brought a new addition to our family – Carter Everleigh Dunn. Calie’s mom, sister, new husband and their new little one Addylinn May Hughes joined us and the result was our first family photo. Thank you for blessing our family with this photo shoot. It was so wonderful to see you both and thank you for creating another amazing memory for our family. You both ROCK. Thank you thank you thank you…Mike & Calie

  2. Anna & Patrick

    We love these photos and not just because they are of our family…they came out so beautifully. Thank you so much Alec and T for your amazing eye and generous nature. We truly appreciate the time we spend with you. Anna and Patrick

  3. Those photos are amazing. They say what families are about and the babies are the stars.

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