Family photos in Cabo San Lucas By Alec and T Photography

When my friend Amy Abbott contacted me to do family shoot I jumped on the chance. We have been so busy with weddings the past few years,  we have not had time to do many of these sessions.. And I love them!   We met the Abbots at a local beach and spent about an hour and 30 minutes that seemed to go by in a flash. If you have children take the time and have a family sessions.. They grow up so fast..Once they grow up you will treasure good photos. They are priceless memories of moments in time. These photos will forever preserve the Abbot family laughing and loving each other in Cabo San Lucas Mexico… How cool is that! This was a great day, we laughed and played with friends! xT

Family Photos Cabo  - DSC4287-Edit-Edit-Edit-2
Family Beach Portrait

Family Photos Cabo  - 002_AlecandT_Photography2

Family Photos Cabo  - 001_AlecandT_Photography2

Family Photos Cabo  - 003_AlecandT_Photography2

Family Photos Cabo  - 004_AlecandT_Photography2

Family Photos Cabo  - 005_AlecandT_Photography2

Family Photos Cabo  - 006_AlecandT_Photography2

Family Photos Cabo  - 007_AlecandT_Photography2

Family Photos Cabo  - 008_AlecandT_Photography2

Family Photos Cabo  - 009_AlecandT_Photography2

Family Photos Cabo  - 010_AlecandT_Photography2

Family Photos Cabo  - 011_AlecandT_Photography2

Family Photos Cabo  - 012_AlecandT_Photography

Family Photos Cabo  - 013_AlecandT_Photography2

Family Photos Cabo  - 014_AlecandT_Photography2

Family Photos Cabo  - 015_AlecandT_Photography2

Family Photos Cabo  - 016_AlecandT_Photography2

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8 thoughts on “Family photos in Cabo San Lucas By Alec and T Photography”

  1. Dearest Alec & T.

    When two brilliant minds work together, this is the result! I love your work guys, I love you and you are simply the best! On the other hand…. Amy Abbott! What a Class Act! Lovely family pictures Amy 🙂 I am so happy for all you, these pictures tell a thousand stories. Congratulations on job very well done!

    Love Always, Rev. Marco Arechiga

  2. Kim Groover Filardi

    I’m sold!!!! Sign me up for September!!! Your subject matter must have made the shoot easier, and it is clear the talented photographers did their jobs exceptionally. Thanks for sharing Amy. Tez, you are a true gem amongst those precious ladies. Amy, I still can’t tell you are the mother!!!

  3. Love the family photos of Amy and Tez!! What a beautiful and incredibly sincere family!! Great work T!

  4. What beautiful pictures of all of you! You are all such beautiful people inside and out! Love You!

  5. These pictures are soo pretty and amazing. A gorgeous family with an amazing location. Bravo…

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