Esperanza Resort Cabo San Lucas Wedding Venue, Alec and T. Photography

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

Take a look at this Los Cabos wedding! If you read my blog,  you already know That Esperanza resort in Cabo San Lucas is my all time favorite wedding location! This venue is unreal for weddings. I wish everyone had the wedding budget for the resort!  Its worth every single dime. Feel free to call me and I will give a complete run down on the venue!!  Dawn and Paul defiantly know how to throw a party. The first phone call I had with Dawn she was planning a 11/11/11 wedding. I was already booked on 11/11/11 at Esperanza. No way!! I wanted to shoot her wedding so so bad! I knew after 10 minutes of talking to Dawn she would have a fun wedding and I really wanted to be apart of it. After a few minor date adjustments.. I think 3 Lol.. the date was set and we made it happen.  The wedding officiant was the amazing Marco. The band “NRG” was flown in from San Diego ,they had me dancing the whole night. Everything worked. As we editing the video I found myself  hanging on to every word that Minister  Marco said during the ceremony. Marco is always great but this wedding he was better then ever. Its the ultimate compliment when a couple changes their date for Alec and I!! Thank You!!  In return we wanted to make sure that we did not miss a thing, that the emotion and the beauty of this day would be forever frozen in time so Paul and Dawn could relive the event for years to come. Its was a wonderful day and evening for everyone involved. Cheers ~ T

Esperanza Resort  - 001_AlecandT19
Cabo wedding, Esperanza Resort Alec and T Photography
Esperanza Resort  - 002_AlecandT16
Los Cabos Mexico Destination Wedding
Esperanza Resort  - 003_AlecandT14
Esperanza Resort in Los Cabos, Mexico

Esperanza Resort  - 004_AlecandT16

Esperanza Resort  - 005_AlecandT16
Wedding Hair and Make Up  Cabo San Lucas

Esperanza Resort  - 006_AlecandT14

Esperanza Resort  - 007_AlecandT13

Esperanza Resort  - 008_AlecandT14
Destination Wedding Los Cabos Mexico
Esperanza Resort  - 009_AlecandT13
Cabo Wedding Alec and T Photography
Esperanza Resort  - 010_AlecandT13
Wedding photographers Alec and T Photography

Esperanza Resort  - 011_AlecandT13

Esperanza Resort  - 012_AlecandT14

Esperanza Resort  - 013_AlecandT13

Esperanza Resort  - 014_AlecandT13

Esperanza Resort  - 015_AlecandT14

Esperanza Resort  - 016_AlecandT15

Esperanza Resort  - 017_AlecandT14

Esperanza Resort  - 018_AlecandT13

Esperanza Resort  - 019_AlecandT13

Esperanza Resort  - 020_AlecandT13
Cabo Wedding floral desings
Esperanza Resort  - 021_AlecandT14
Hand blown glass details
Esperanza Resort  - 022_AlecandT16
The wedding ceremony begins

Esperanza Resort  - 023_AlecandT13

Esperanza Resort  - 024_AlecandT15

Esperanza Resort  - 025_AlecandT14

Esperanza Resort  - 026_AlecandT14
Mexico Wedding

Esperanza Resort  - 027_AlecandT14

Esperanza Resort  - 028_AlecandT13

Esperanza Resort  - 029_AlecandT12

Esperanza Resort  - 030_AlecandT12
You may kiss your wife!!
Esperanza Resort  - 031_AlecandT13
Bravo! Another perfect Cabo wedding

Esperanza Resort  - 032_AlecandT12

Esperanza Resort  - 033_AlecandT12

Esperanza Resort  - 034_AlecandT11

Esperanza Resort  - 035_AlecandT10

Esperanza Resort  - 036_AlecandT8

Esperanza Resort  - 037_AlecandT7

Esperanza Resort  - 038_AlecandT8
Cabo Wedding photographer Alec and T photography

Esperanza Resort  - 039_AlecandT7

Esperanza Resort  - 040_AlecandT8
Destination Wedding Photographer Alec and T

Esperanza Resort  - 041_AlecandT8

Esperanza Resort  - 042_AlecandT8

Esperanza Resort  - 043_AlecandT6
Killer wedding location

Esperanza Resort  - 044_AlecandT6

Esperanza Resort  - 045_AlecandT5

Esperanza Resort  - 046_AlecandT4

Esperanza Resort  - 047_AlecandT4

Esperanza Resort  - 048_AlecandT2

Esperanza Resort  - 049_AlecandT1

Esperanza Resort  - 050_AlecandT2

Esperanza Resort  - 051_AlecandT2

Esperanza Resort  - 052_AlecandT2
Kymm from NRG Music

Esperanza Resort  - 053_AlecandT2

Esperanza Resort  - 054_AlecandT2

Esperanza Resort  - 055_AlecandT1

Esperanza Resort  - 056_AlecandT1

Esperanza Resort  - 057_AlecandT

Esperanza Resort  - 058_AlecandT

Esperanza Resort  - 059_AlecandT

Esperanza Resort  - 060_AlecandT
Cabo Fireworks!!

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4 thoughts on “Esperanza Resort Cabo San Lucas Wedding Venue, Alec and T. Photography”

  1. I am always so impressed with your work. Thank you for sharing your photo’s on FB. You guys are amazing!!!! : )

  2. T!! You have captured such heavenly beauty, moments of moving energy, and cherished memories! I hope we can be the band you are dancing to at everyone one of your wedding events!! You are such a cool person –just fell in love with you! You are swesome! The Stracci’s are so gorgeous to shoot are they not? it’s as if you are a modern day sculpturist capturing a Roman God and Goddess!! ……The Esperanza is so breath taking…it was truly a blessing to be a part of it!! Thank you for mentioning us and call me soon so we can ROCK together! Hugs! Kymm

  3. OMG! This is my new favorite! That fireworks shot it stunning! Esperanza is our neighbor at Villa Sombrero in Santa Carmela and we love that we can see the fireworks from our rooftop deck. We had dinner at the restaurant in November and we were impressed to see them making heart shapes out of beach sand at the entrance – it seemed their attention to detail was amazing and looking at your photos I can see that it really is. Definitely going to pin this one!

  4. HERMOSAS fotos!! As always 🙂 It was a beautiful and fun event to plan and its such an honor to work with great professionals as you are, thank you for your amazing work!

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