Esperanza Resort Cabo San Lucas Mexico Wedding , Blog Preview by Alec and T Photography

Esperanza Resort, Los Cabos Mexico. My #1 wedding venue referral  in Mexico! Why you ask?? Email me and I can explain in detail.  This is a sneak peak at Dawn and Paul’s Cabo wedding. Words cannot express how unbelievably cool this couple was. I had to get a few photos out before the whole blog post, they were burning a hole in my pocket! Oh yes and the video!! To Dawn, My friend.. Paul’s 8 pack is forever preserved.”Compliments of Alec & T.”.. mostly me, LOL.  Just wait for that video! I love you guys and feel kinda sad the event is over..xxxxx T.

many more photos coming soon!!

Esperanza Resort  - 001_AlecT_Photo27
Wedding at Esperanza in Los Cabos Mexico. This is a perfect capture. The day was real and filled with amazing amounts of joy.
Esperanza Resort  - 002_AlecT_Photo27
Cabo San Lucas Wedding Photographers Alec & T.
Esperanza Resort  - 003_AlecT_Photo23
Destination wedding Cabo Mexico
Esperanza Resort  - 004_AlecT_Photo25
Frame me!!!
Esperanza Resort  - 005_AlecT_Photo25
Cabo wedding Florist. This is the Elena Damy that I love. And how perfect that I caught her tossing rose pedals in front of a floral master piece..
Esperanza Resort  - 006_AlecT_Photo23
The boys just hanging out with me before the ceremony.
Esperanza Resort  - 007_AlecT_Photo26
A few wedding details
Esperanza Resort  - 008_AlecT_Photo21
The wedding reception is just about to get started.

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