Engagement Session in Cabo San Lucas Mexico

T. Thompson

T. Thompson

Engagement Session in Cabo San Lucas Mexico- Alec and T Photography. This was a very special shoot for Alec and I- Nubia,  Alec and I love you so so much and are so excited for you and Daniel!  Love is so easy to capture when its right in front of you! Engagement shoots  should celebrate love and joy. They should be FUN -PLAYFUL  and  ROMANTIC. Alec and I love shooting them… When we have time, that is. The best thing to do is call us the month before- or a few weeks prior.  We would jump at the chance to spend a short time with you and deliver photos that will forever document your life! Warmest  T

Engagement Photography  - 001_Cabo-Engagement-Photos-Nubia

Engagement Photography  - 002_Cabo-Engagement-Photos-Nubia

Engagement Photography  - 003_Cabo-Engagement-Photos-Nubia

Engagement Photography  - 004_Cabo-Engagement-Photos-Nubia

Engagement Photography  - 005_Cabo-Engagement-Photos-Nubia

Engagement Photography  - 006_Cabo-Engagement-Photos-Nubia

Engagement Photography  - 007_Cabo-Engagement-Photos-Nubia

Engagement Photography  - 008_Cabo-Engagement-Photos-Nubia

Engagement Photography  - 009_Cabo-Engagement-Photos-Nubia

Engagement Photography  - 010_Cabo-Engagement-Photos-Nubia

Engagement Photography  - 011_Cabo-Engagement-Photos-Nubia

Engagement Photography  - 012_Cabo-Engagement-Photos-Nubia

Engagement Photography  - 013_Cabo-Engagement-Photos-Nubia

Engagement Photography  - 014_Cabo-Engagement-Photos-Nubia


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1 thought on “Engagement Session in Cabo San Lucas Mexico”

  1. Awww it was such a lovely surprise to see Nubia’s beautiful face on your blog!!!
    Most amazing person with the most amazing photographers! What more could you want?! Congratulations Nubia and we wish you the best of wishes in the world!!
    Lauren Hjelmeir (Siri)

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